Your salvation and peace of mind count!

As a church we need to take care of our spiritual

needs without neglecting the physical needs of our carnal body.

Our carnal body houses our spirit and soul.

What is your support system?

Don’t trust your mind. If you are depressed look for a support system.

You need someone who understands without judging.

Don’t let the church force you into marriage.

Religion makes a lot of people judgemental and so they don’t understand what people are going through.

We tend to judge those who cannot meet up to our self imposed standards.

Don’t be deceived by pastors who attribute depression to lack of tithing and praying.

Depression can happen to anyone.

2 Corinthians 4:4
Satan the god of this earth has confused the minds of many

John 4:7
The Samaritan woman was not judged by Christ

Mark 6:2

Luke 10:25- 29

While religion condemns, Chist shows compassion.

Understand your value system and what you consider Important.

If you are in a marriage and the other party in no longer interested in the marriage, you need a very good support system.

1 Corinthians 6:9 – 11
These verses are clear about sin.

Be careful how you handle people who are sad or depressed.

Not everything is about money

Don’t judge people, instead help them.

Don’t break hearts, some people never recover.

Don’t be deceitful in a relationship, It is wicked.

Maturity and compatibility are important in any relationship.

Do not base your hopes on one human being, we are all created to make mistakes.

There are consequences for cheating in a marriage

Cheating carries problems.

Lying and adultery carry the same consequences.

Your salvation is not dependent on a marriage

Remain Blessed

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Daddy Freeze is a blessing to this generation and the next. He has opened the eyes of thousands. May God of heaven armies continue to bless, protect and inspire him.

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