You have rejected knowledge

Not everything is spiritual some things

happen due to lack of knowledge and lack of common sense

There is nothing wrong with prayers but you still need knowledge

People in airplane turbulence praying in tongues instead of paying attention to instructions

Learn to listen. Learn to pay attention. Paying attention can save your live.

Praying loudly and speaking in tongues will endanger your live and the lives of others.

This is the height of ignorance . If you must pray, pray silently in your spirit.

Instead of speaking in tongues how about listening to the tongue of the pilot

Stop jumping to conclusions.

When you don’t understand things your reaction may be more deadly than the actual situation

No one dies from learning but people die from ignorance

Hosea 4:6
People die simply because they have rejected have rejected knowledge

Ignorance is NOT bliss!

Remain Blessed


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