Who was King James?

He is the one who authorized

the translation of the Bible into the King James Bible

Is king James the authority on the Bible?

No! King James is NOT the authority on the Bible

Let’s dig deep

In 1604 King James decided to recommission the Bible

Robert Barker was the Kings printer

The translation was know for its majesty of style

It was with this bible that English was introduced to us

King James gave the translators instruction

The instruction did not come from God or from Israel, the instruction came from England

The new translation was in order with the Church of England

The church of England believed in an ordained clergy. And so they translated the Bible to suit this

The translation was done by 47 scholars all of who were members of the courts of England

They translated from Greek to English for the New Testament

They translated from Hebrew and Armanic to English for the Old Testament

Now let us meet King James who gave these instructions

King James had a wife that was a man!! Yep!

Your GO’s are experts at what they were taught not the truth

We will go to the foundation

They called King James, Queen James. Some refer to him as a fool

He was discussed as Queen James in his court yard

So next time you pick up your King James Bible, you better know whose translation you are reading

Remain Blessed

Google: BBC: king James filled with a number of male lovelies

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