When Greed becomes Need watch out!


When Greed becomes need poverty is inevitable

The meaning of Need:
To require something because it is important and required rather than just being desirable. Representing necessity or obligation

The meaning of greed: An intense and selfish desire for something such as wealth, power or food. It is materialism, self centeredness, selfish

You have to establish what your needs are before pastors confuse you with their greed.

Know the difference between needs and wants

Acts 4:32
The reason why there were no needy people is because there was no greed. The believers were united. You cannot be united if you are selfish

The issues of tithing has shown the selfishness of many Pentecostal pastors.
In their greed they have come up with so many false reasons why people should tithe.

One pastor said if you don’t tithe, you will die, another said you will not go to heaven, another said that God collected tithes from the galaxy

Money is the devil and because people have become so greedy, they do not recognize the price of blood

When there is no greed, the economy flourishes

The less the greed of the leaders, the less the need of the people

We have greedy leaders in the church so we have needy followers in the church

The more you hold onto material things the less you have Christ

Matthew 10:8
Freely you have received freely give

Yeshua never says raise a money seed

Isaiah 55:1
It is all free even if you have no money

John 4:7
Christ will give us living water and it is free

Why pay for what God has given you for free?

John 4:31
Christ told them he has the kind of food they know nothing about

When a prophet in the Old Testament and your Christ says the same thing, why then are your pastors lying?

No where does it say raise a money seed altar in the Bible!

Monetary seed offering is A LIE

You give them the money and then they buy things they don’t need! It’s called Greed!

They don’t care about any thing but the money

Greed has become their need

You will be redeemed without money

So when a pastor tells you to raise an altar with money for your children he is deceiving you

Matthew 4:8
Christ was tempted the second time. He had passed the first temptation

Matthew 4:1
The devil wanted Christ  to turn stones into bread. Christ did not fall for this

Matthew 13:
Parable of the sower
Christ said, People do not live by bread but by the word of God

Luke 19:40 or 4
1 Corinthians 10:4
Christ is the rock they drank from

The word is supposed to be our nourishment but they turned it into financial seed

99% of what we have been taught is a lie

Contamination starts with the small things like a name

Acts 4:12
The Bible says you can only get salvation through one name!
Better get the name right!
You cannot fit the name of Yeshua into your culture

Acts 7:45
Every bible verse translated this verse as Joshua but king james translated it as Jesus
Joshua and Jesus are two different people

This may look small but a one degree variation can lead to a disaster

You cannot fit Christ into your culture

Matthew 15:9
Stop teaching man made ideas and trying to pass it off as doctrine

They want to have power to control

Even the VP said when he wants to sack corrupt people religious leaders call to prevent him

Acts 7 :55
Stephen was full of the Holy Spirit! He was persecuted and killed
In his anointing he was killed while he prayed to God to receive his spirit. He even prayed for his persecutors

When Stephen was killed he was anointed!
He prayed for his persecutors
He did NOT pray for God to kill them. No “Die by Fire” prayers

Difference is Stephen knew Yeshua

Your greedy pastors do not know Yeshua

Remain Blessed



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