What benefits did Shiloh bring to Nigeria? Look beyond the illusion

The  Bible tells us to judge correctly.

We need to look beneath the surface so our judgement will be correct.

No one ever told us not to judge. We simply have to judge correctly.

Look beneath the surface.
Look beyond the illusion.

Anyone who wants to know the will of God should verify teachings

Crowds attacked Christ and even told him he was demon possessed.

Today, crowds echo these same words at The Free Nation members

So who said we should not judge?
Haven’t you read John 7:24?

“Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly.”
John 7:24 – NIV

Our judgement is judgement in Christ

Now let us judge Shiloh correctly

Between last year and this year, what are the improvements Nigeria has seen?

Last year at about the time when Shiloh was held, Nigeria was not the poverty capital of the world

Today Nigeria is the poverty capital of the world!

The Oyedepos are richer, but the congregation have become poorer.

Worshippers who attended Shiloh were involved in a horrible car accident

Sadly the surviver is giving thanks to Oyedepo calling him his “father”

Oyedepo’s biological son and this man have nothing in common. They are worlds apart.

Look at your churches! How many of you look like your GOs?
No you do not look like your GO’s.

However, The Free Nation members all look closely the same.

We want to be a congregation where everyone is doing well.

The Free Nation Leader, Daddyfreeze and his members more or less are the same.

Look at the big GOs they are on a much more higher platform than their members.
You can not compare.

Daddyfreeze is not in competition with us for material things.

If there is ever a competition, it will be about who knows God more.

Look at the pictures they have shown you to be Jesus

Research the hand sign
“As above so below”
and then you decide.

Time to judge what they have been feeding you.

When you are done with your research, you will decide if the name Jesus is divine or satanic.

Remain Blessed

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