Were the Two ever One?

The doctrines you put in place have no scriptural

Moral or logical backing!

We are The Free nation and we are here to eradicate false Christian doctrine

We do not hold your personal life against you!

But we can and will hold doctrinal facts against you if you come and make a claim that is not supported by the scriptures for Christianity!

You are a consequence of your doctrine and the falsehood of your doctrines have began to work against you!

The doctrines you put in place have no moral, scriptural and no logical backing. Yet you have enforced them over the years.

When a major pastor can stand in front of his congregation and say he did not want to get divorced from his wife because feared his congregation! You have to question what he has been teaching them!

So why can’t he get a divorce?
What is wrong with a divorce?

Your selfish man made doctrines have backfired

How can a major pastor see other people’s problems but fail to see that his wife is cheating on him?

You have become a prisoner of the jail doctrine you have built!
You hypocrites who say divorce is a sin!!

You are preaching & praying while your wife is cheating on you!
You are not the problem! The system you have in place is the problem!

If you base a system on false doctrines it WILL Crumble

Matthew 19:3
So let’s make a case study out of this:
What! Where! Who! When!

The place tells us who the message is for. The place we know was Israel. It was written at a time when it was a male dominated society
Christ said it was meant to be two that come together as one body!

But this is not the case with so called marriage today!
There are secretes!
You are not one!
You have a life with your friends, another with your spouse and another at home!

You are NOT one as you preach!
You are simply in a marriage contract!

The oneness that Christ speaks of does not exist in many so called Christian marriages

Human beings have needs! Pastors too have needs!

Christ hated hypocrisy! It is better to end the marriage than to stay in a marriage and continue committing adultery.

Matthew 5:27-29
The moment you look lustfully at another who is not your spouse, adultery has already been committed!

Friendship with the world is adultery

Many pastors are stuck in their bad marriages but are prisoners of the doctrine they have created

Another type of adultery can be found in John 15:18

Your GOs and pastors are loved by the world because they belong to it

Matthew 10:22
Matthew 24:9

We build our doctrine in Christ but we don’t neglect the Old Testament
Eziekel 16:23-34

All the alters you have been raising with money through tithes and seeds makes you an adulterer.

Hosea 1:1

If you are practicing false doctrine you are outside the city gates

Revelation 22:15
1 Corinthians 6:9 -11

You live in falsehood, lie to your congregation and practice adultery! Stop being a hypocrite!

Remain Blessed

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