We are The Free Nation! We are Free to wear Weaves!


The hypocrisy of Christianity today is so deep that

it has destroyed the essence of what Christ stands for

A known actress said when she became born again, she changed her outer wardrobe

Do people really know what being born again means?

In her born again state, she has probably stopped drinking alcohol

How can you be born again and stop drinking what Christ and his disciples drank

So many of us were raised in ignorance and error

So this actress is condemning human hair and weaves!

My question to her is this, the car you are driving, what guarantee do you have that it is not dedicated to a shrine?

What do you know about occultist brands?

What about the soap and shampoo that you are using to wash your hair?

Christianity has NO Source and Supply

The Jews go to Jewish schools and run Jewish businesses

The Jews have a certain standard. They do not eat meat that has blood. They eat kosher meat which is meat raised and killed according to Jewish standards

The Muslims eat Halal meat, there is a prayer said on a ram before it is killed for food

As Christians we eat and wear what ever society gives us.

You Christians who buy a Muslim or Jewish slaughtered cow, how can you then say wearing weaves are bad?

Christianity produces nothing but has become a recycler of money

The pastors come to you and preach about growing businesses yet they never grow businesses except their church businesses

Items you use daily, cars, clothes, phone do you know the shrine it was taken to?

You do not have control over your source and supply so please be quiet regarding things you have limited understanding about

You who say that wearing human hair and weaves is wearing items dedicate to shrines, how comfortable do you feel celebrating Nimrods Birthday On December 25th?

Or you think Christ was born on the 25th?

You claim you don’t wear any fake hair, nails, etc, yet you celebrate Nimrod on December 25th?

Is this not hypocrisy?

The Bible never mentioned Easter but there is a Babylonian goddess called Ishtar
And Eostre is another goddess of the Saxtons

You dedicate your children in a shrine.
The shrine where the worship of Mammon takes place

Isaiah 52:3
The Bible is clear, you will be redeemed without money

Hebrews 9:15

1 Peter 1:18
You were not redeemed with perishable things. Money is the most perishable item on earth.

When your pastors are raising altars with money they are raising a shrine to Mammon

How did the worship of Christ move to Sunday?

It was emperor Constantine who merged Jews, Pagans and Christians together to observe Sunday as a holy day

Christians are becoming such hypocrites.

Sitting in their shrine and pointing fingers at others.

Research the brands of some of the items we consume.

Genesis 41:46
Priest of On, they worshipped Raa the sun god

Who was Joseph’s wife?

Genesis 47:22
Joseph bought all lands except the one belonging to the priests
The priests of the sun god were taken care of, because those who worshipped them had a structure

There are things a Muslim and a Jew wouldn’t do for money
But there is very little a Christian wouldn’t do for money

Until we are ready to control our source and supply, we better just bless everything in the name of God most high

Colossians 2:20

2 Corinthians 4:4
Satan the ruler of this earth has blinded the minds of many

The Free Nation is free to wear human hair and weaves

Remain Blessed

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