Was Jesus married to Mary Magdalene?

We do not know.

A whole lot is missing from the Scriptures.

The scriptures feature many great men with ministries .

Yahushua had his own ministry, so did Moses and many of the disciples.

Many like John and Peter were faced with challenges far greater than Yahushua.

We cannot conclude that Yahushua was too busy with his ministry to have a family.

Christ promised that anyone who believed in him will do even greater works than he did.

Paul raised people from the dead, healed people, cast out demons.

We have evidence of Yahushua’s birth, circumcision and when he was 12 years old. (in the temple.)
Then we have nothing until he turned 30 years old.

There is no evidence to show that he was not married.

On what evidence are we basing our speculation that he did not have a wife?

What empirical fact are we basing our speculation on?

We have to understand narrative.

The Romans in Constantine were the ones that were propagating a Christianity that suited a certain narrative.

Was that narrative accurate?
Was it scripturally accurate?

Going back to the teaching Daddyfreeze had on Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar

Daniel 3:14

We are informed that all bowed down to worship the statue except three, and Daniel was not one of the three.

Reading the concluding part of Daniel chapter 2
Daniel was in the King’s court, he was under the King.

Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego were under Daniel.

We are clearly told only three did not bow to the statue. We are told the  names of the three and Daniel is not one of them. 

How can we now assume that Daniel did not bow?

The current narrative of “Jesus” for Nigerians is a man who was blonde with blue eyes. A man who never drank alcohol.

Yet, the scriptures describe Yahushua as a drunk and a glutton.

What would you drink for people to call you a drunk?

Yahushua went to a party and turned water into wine.

But the current narrative is about a “Jesus” Who never drank alcohol.

Be careful of narratives.

Remain Blessed

One thought on “Was Jesus married to Mary Magdalene?

  1. Akinloluwa Ebenezer Adeola says:

    What’s your point after all’s said and done? If you ask me, I’m gon’tell you it doesn’t affect your walk with God–salvation is Jesus coming to save mankind via the shedding of His blood and His resurrection; and that’s the good news we preach. Whether he married or not is not your, neither is it my, nor nobody’s question to answer. You’re to direct men to God through Jesus not to be this!
    Love you! Stay blessed sir!

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