Virtual Reality! The simulation of positive and motivational gibberish!


The highest crime practiced in many churches is

positive and motivational speaking

When Timothy was always sick, Paul told him to use medicine. Paul did not speak positivity into his situation

2 Timothy 4:5
Keep a clear mind! Don’t be afraid of suffering

Paul did not say proclaim it is well.

It is time to take those glasses off. You have been living in a simulation

Time to taste Reality

Paul talked about winning the crown of righteousness not the crown of private jet

He talked about the crown of righteousness in the age to come not in this age.

Paul did not deceive himself speaking positivity! He poured himself out and acknowledged his situation

1 Corinthians 4:1
Paul admitted that they were poor and homeless. There was no sugar coating.

He did not lie and say they are rich in a mansion

Today, Many religious leaders simply tell you what YOU want to hear.

Acts 20:22

When Paul said he was going to Jerusalem, he admitted that he did not know what awaited him.

Paul did not speak positivity and the disciples did not give him any motivational preaching

If the disciples came back to earth today, they will not recognize the Christianity that is being preached!

How did we get here?

Christianity today has become the glass water and ice cube syndrome

The more you add ice to a glass full of water the more the water rises. If you keep adding ice very soon all the water will overflow and only the ice will be left in the glass. There will be no more water.

Christianity is that water that has been poured out and the ice is the false doctrine they keep dropping in churches

Paul raised shepherds
Your GO’s are raising sheep

The shepherds protect the sheep from the wolves, but 95% of the sheep are eaten by the shepherds

God has already bought us with the blood of Jesus. What else are you buying?

False religious doctrine is spiritual death. Yet you keep up with your habits

The problem with religion is that at the end of it all, it is just like sugar coating on a bitter pill.

Coated in motivation speaking

Your salvation lies only in following the teachings of Christ.

Today Many Christians are following the teachings of their pastors.

They no longer follow Christ

Remain Blessed


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