Virtual Reality! It is a simulation! Take your glasses off!


A reality that is not real is virtual reality.

Jesus is the original! The true reality!

But people keep going back to their virtual reality.

The shadow always looks more attractive than the original
Christianity for most people today has become virtual reality

Interactive computer generated simulation

Audio, visual and sensory feedback (you can feel it)

Imagine what one GO said
“The recent report that Nigeria is the poorest in the world, is the hypocrisy of the West against Africa”

This is the most ridiculous statement that anyone can make about a country that has so many poor people living under inhumane conditions.

IMF, The Bill Gates Foundation, Poverty Index are all lying? Right ?

But a deluded GO claims he knows without any statistics.

It is estimated that very soon 40% of the world’s poorest will be in Nigeria.

This deluded GO is creating virtual reality for millions of Christians

People are simply getting visual and auditory simulation of what does not exist!

When the thief was on the cross with Jesus, Jesus did not ask him about tithes!

All Jesus wants is our repentance

Why do you waste time listening to a man who tells you that because of the money you pay him, you will make it to heaven!!

It is time to face the truth!

What you see and what you hear, becomes your reality

When you go to church and they preach to you that you are not poor, however, you can’t even afford a meal!

In order to give, you have to have a certain level of stability. It may just be that you should be on the receiving end.

Luke 21:1
All temples are coming down! But they will not preach this. All they will preach is that the widow gave all she had. They miss the entire point Jesus was making

Anyone who uses this scripture to tell and teach you to sow all you have into their church so you too can have prosperity is a criminal!

This scripture is not even about Christianity. It is a temple of Judaism

Giving all You have to the temple is not Christianity

Acts 4:32
All believers were one in heart and mind. Those who had gave to those who did not have. Yet we are told that ALL were blessed. There was no poverty among them.

The top 5 richest countries in the world are muslin. They understand the principles of giving and receiving

When your pastor keeps collecting tithes, seeds, offering! He has become a shrine! An Oracle!

Your religious leaders are selfish and they are deluding you!

The more you listen to them, the more the addiction becomes. It then becomes a habit

It is time to overcome the pressure of the habit.

The habit has become your reality.

Your Reality is in no way related to Christ.

But it has become your truth.

Things get moulded up when you put the shadow ahead of your reality

Many people are chasing shadows! Trying to find what is not there! What does not exist!

Malachi 3:8
This is the widely read scripture about tithing. They got is so wrong.

So what flood gates have opened up in Nigeria?

Where are the blessings in Nigeria?

What nation is calling us blessed?

Look around you! The time has come to wake up from this illusion.

Why do you listen to people who tell you
“There is no recession in the kingdom”

It is more like “there is no recession in their house”
Because you keep giving them your 10%

Even in the time when tithes was paid, it was never about money. It was paid in produce

People ate their tithes in the presence of the Lord.

Now thieves have turned it into money that they say should be paid to them.

Be careful of what becomes your reality.

While the world is seeing your poverty, you have been blinded to it.

Remain Blessed

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