Undress the Lie

Being religious does not purge you from your evil


They teach man made ideas as commands from God

Read Mark 7:7

You hear things like Christ and Mary have appeared to many people.

They give you a statue to represent their ideology

There has never been a picture of Christ or Mary.

How do you know what is appearing to you is from God?

When you don’t know the original you can’t tell Fake

The version of Christianity many of us practice today is the British American Christianity
And Britain and American have no business with Christianity.

It was started by the Jews.

Prosperity gospel was born in the 1950s and this type of Christianity was exported to Africa

Those who sold Africans as slaves cannot give us a religion that will set us free

We were born free. It is religion that has put us in bondage

Any doctrine that puts you into slavery is man made

God did not create you a slave

Anybody propagating a doctrine that relies on a slave trade mentally cannot set you free.

I want to be Free

The Samaritan woman believed that the only way to worship God was on the mountain. The Jews believed that the only way to worship God was in the Temple. Christ said God is looking for Free people NOT slaves.

God is looking for people to worship him in spirit and Truth

To worship God in spirit and Truth, get rid of your human ideology

Did Christ come so you can be religious?

A lot of people made a religion out of Christ!
Christ did not come so you can have a new religion.

Christ came to lead you.
If you believe in him, you will follow him.

A Christian is a follower of Christ not someone who practices the worship of Christ

Christ is your priest

You cannot call yourself a believer if you are disobeying Christ

The disciples are men like us, prone to error

The more we depart from the word of God, we start to embrace the word of man

Colossians 2:20
Christ has set you free, so why are you praying to be free?
Why do you keep
Following the rules of the world?

If your ideology is based on man, it seems wise

No country is more religious than Nigeria! Yet see where we are

5 churches on every street but they provide no help in conquering human desires

The fact that you go to church 5 times a week does not remove your evil desires! It is religion that creates the evil desires. It doesn’t purge you it fills you up with lies

The more your purge you mind, the more you cleanse your soul
Many of you still see a white Jesus and pray to a white Mary!

The person that did this to you is wicked!

Are you not tired of paying for what you can fetch by yourself!

Your eyes and ears like to be tickled and deceived

Let your language be the language of freedom

King James was a Slave trader! How can you now think he wants to set you free?

They have given Christianity a dress code

Genesis : They we’re naked and not ashamed

2 Corinthians 10:1
According to the Scriptures, Human reasoning is a strong hold which must be fought with the word of God.

The Old Testament was personalized.

Any thought contrary to the message of Christ is rebellious

Matthew 5:43 – 44
Love your enemies

Churches have become a stronghold!

There is a difference between a hallucination and a revelation. Many pastors hallucinate

There is a punishment for disobedience

Genesis 2:25
Adam & Eve were created naked without shame

The book of Thomas was found in 1945 and rejected. This was because it did not support their agenda

Isaiah 20:3
Isaiah was walking around naked and bare foot for three years.

2 Corinthians 4:4 and 2 Corinthians 10:10
Those who don’t believe are the ones who disobey

When Christ was about to be crucified he was disrobed

When you disrobe and are not ashamed, then you will see God

When people hear “ seek”they think money where in fact it is Christ they should seek!

Don’t preach dress code as a doctrine.

Remain Blessed

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