Unclog your ears! Stop listening to wire wire Gospel.


They  tell you to pay tithes according to the order Melchizedek abi?

Better read Genesis 14 to the end and know the truth.

Wire wire pastors will not kill you.

No Pastor can collect tithes according to Melchizedek

All of you who want to use Melchizedek to collect tithes, read the whole chapter not just a part of it!

You will see the following:
Abraham’s spoils came from the king of Sodum

▶️. Abraham gave 10% of his spoils to Melchizedek

▶️. He only asked the king of Sodum for food for his men and for the people who went with him to keep what they had collected

▶️. He returned everything back to the King of Sodum (meaning the 90% of his spoils)

So all of you who keep hampering on this better return 90% back to your employer then we know you are truly following the Melchizedekian style of tithing!

Read your bible! You will not die!
The word of God is what we are here to speak on

The scriptures tell us that we are to eat our tithes in the presence of the Lord.

In the days of the old we used to eat in God’s presence

Then Christ came and said “Man shall not eat by bread alone”
We now feast on the word of God
The word of God is our food. We have 24 hour access to God

We do not operate on the Moses level, we are on Christ level.
Yeshua can take us higher than we have ever been before.

There are two types of Gospel:

1️⃣ We have the son of man who will give us direct link to God
2️⃣ Then we have the wire wire Gospel

Some pastors are sitting on countries simply because they have sold a wire wire Gospel to the masses

Paul had a chronic condition and God did not heal him.

Many pastors deceive the masses and tell them to trust that they will be healed without medication! The are wicked men selling wire wire Gospel to people

When Timothy was sick, Paul did not lay hands on him, he sent him to go and drink medicine

Sickness is not a sign that God has deserted you

Sometimes you see God when you are at your weakest

3 John 1:2
Prosper as thy soul propers is the most widely used wire wire Gospel

Read it from the beginning
It is talking about living according to the truth

He was not telling Christians to come and touch his chair so they can be healed

He was not collecting money for prayers

He prayed that he may prosper in HEALTH and strength of spirit NOT finances

Medical science is the greatest miracle from God

Proverbs 14:31
Whoever is kind to the needy honors God

How can you sell wire wire Gospel and call Yourself a man of God?

1 John 4:1
We must test every spirit so we are not deceived

Even if someone has a clean track record, all spirits must still be tested

Hebrews 9:25-28
Anything that does not aline with Christ being the mediator is false doctrine

Matthew 16:23
Yeshua told Peter to get behind him and even called him satan

It did not mean Peter was a devil but it means a vessel of God can harbor Satan.

There is Satan in every man

If Satan can enter Peter, it means Satan can and has entered the church

The book of Daniel 3:5
All the people meaning Everyone was told to bow and worship the golden statue.

Daniel 2:46
Daniel was given a very high position by the king.
It was Daniel who requested for Shadrach Meshach and Abednego

It is called the book of Daniel! How can we forget the owner of the book? Where was Daniel when All the people were bowing?

Daniel remained in the main court with the King

The Bible never said Daniel bowed. The Bible also does not say that Daniel didn’t bow

Satan can use anyone. He used Moses, Daniel, David, Solomon even Peter! So who are you that Satan cannot use?

Test every spirit, be on your guard.

Hebrews 9:15
Non of the old prophets negotiated your contract.
Take the words of the old prophets with caution.
Christ is the only Mediator of our New Covenant

Remain Blessed

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