Touch Not My Anointed! Really?

@daddyfreeze teaches The Free Nation in Christ Church 3:12/18: Touch not my anointed is of no consequence to a Christian.
Establishing the foundation of Psalm 105:15 and why it just doesn’t FIT
“Touch not my anointed ones, do my prophets no harm!”
Psalm 105:15
David decided to kill someone for killing God’s anointed. Saul! Really? Anointed? We already established that Saul was no longer anointed. Samuel had already told Saul that the kingdom of God has been torn away from him because God had rejected him
The anointing had been stripped off Saul.
There is no bases for that scripture. David was emotional and erratic.

2nd Samuel 4:10
2nd Samuel 1:10
1 Samuel 15:21
1 Samuel 31:8
2 Samuel 1:14
2 Samuel 1:6
Psalm 105:15


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