Time to recalibrate our moral compass


So they tell you that it is a sin to smoke cigarettes!

But it is not a sin to collect money from poor people.

Nigeria! Your moral compass is twisted!

Nigeria wake up! What we are practicing as faith has no basis in Christ

Even the people who brought this faith to us, do not practice it the way we do

So there is a picture of a nun smoking a cigarette! So what?

Smoking cigarette is not prostitution but collecting tithes is prostitution.

They say smoking cigarette is a sin, Yet they see nothing wrong in robbing people off tithes and offerings

The Netherlands have legalized what we consider sin. Alcohol! Prostitution! Smoking marijuana!

Yet their crime rate is the lowest.
They also have an established flourishing Economy.

They have Less Christians then we do. Most of them are atheists

We have more poverty
Very high crime rates
Drug problems
More churches
And we carry christianity on our heads

Smoking is unhealthy but it is not a sin

Smoking can shorten your life but it is not a sin

You take politicians and ordain them as pastors,  then you hypocrites call smoking cigarette a sin

Was it Jesus that associated the Nun dress with Christianity?

Did Jesus give Mary and Martha the Nun dress to wear?

Did Jesus draw up the date for Easter and appoint a bunny?

Smoking is only a sin if it causes discomfort to your neighbor?

Even Paul said there was a thorn in his flesh! We don’t know if he had an addiction.

What many Christians do in church on Sunday is a sin

The hypocrisy of pastors is a sin

False doctrine is a sin

Collecting money on God’s behalf is a sin

Lying to people that they will get crowns in heaven is a sin.

Enough of this buffoonery
Let’s stop getting it twisted.
Time to recalibrate our moral compass.

Taking tithes from Christians is a sin. Galatians 3:10

Since you want to obey the Old Testament Law on tithes, you have to obey all the laws, yet most of you are clean shaven! That too is a sin Leviticus 19:28

Remain Blessed

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Christianity has become something else in this country. The white that brought this religion to us think differently. May God help us to follow the truth.

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