This is Not his picture and December 25 is Not his birthday!


Are you Worshipping the Sun?

Have you ever wondered why they changed his name?

If they told you to worship the Sun, you would have disagreed with them

Why do you think the birthday of Jesus is celebrated to coincide with the winter solace.

This is the day the sun is on the sign Capricorn

The Christmas tree is a symbol of the winter solace. It has Absolutely nothing to do with Jesus

They gave us a Jesus inside their Sun God

Why do you think the day of worship was changed to Sunday?

The day of the Sun?

Nimrod’s Birthday was around December 25, the winter solace, the Sunday worship

Constantine moved worship from the Sabbath, Saturday to Sunday

If you can translate Yeshua into Jesus . Then translate Victor into Yoruba

There is No V in Yoruba. It cannot be translated

Our knowledge has been corrupted

Genesis 2:25
At what point did the shame creep in?

Genesis 3:1-10
When you are exposed to the knowledge of the devil. You begin to hide from God

The book of Thomas 37
“On what day will You be revealed to us and when shall we see you. Jesus replied when you disrobe and become naked without being ashamed and take off your garments and place them under your feet like little children and thread upon them, then you will see the son of the living one and you will not be afraid”

Until you are ready to become naked and forget everything you have been taught for 2000 years .

You must be stripped of the knowledge you possess about Jesus for it is knowledge perverted by the devil.

And until you remove the robe of corrupt learning and be empty to receive the true learning you cannot know Jesus.

Everything you know about Christianity has been a lie except for the fact that Yeshua died on the cross

His name is a lie
His birthday is a lie
His picture is a lie
Paying tithes is a lie
Giving seeds is a lie
Lies! Lies! Lies and more lies
But He is NOT a lie

Islam started 500 years after Christ and is closer in translation than the Bible when it comes to language

1633 was the first time the letter J was used to pronounce certain words

We have to be careful who we call so we don’t call another god or a demon when we pray.

The Free Nation will pray in the name of Yeshua

Jesus was Jewish! He was not British, Roman or Greek!

Our knowledge has been corrupted and so we run when we see God.

The wrong name could spell the wrong God

It does not necessarily mean that our prayers will not be answered.

When we lived in ignorance, God still loved us

Today we know the truth. We cannot let what the Church did make us slaves

John 4:21

We have to know the truth so we can worship in spirit and in truth

Remain Blessed

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