This evolution is not working


You all are worshipping different idols

and you think it is God!

That’s not God that’s your god’s

For God does not change. He is the same yesterday, today and forever

So why are you changing him?

You come to Nigeria and say fire ya ya ya ya because it works for you in Nigeria

See how pastors come to Nigeria and make fun of us?
Telling us that people will look at them like mad men if they preach the same way they do to Nigerians to an audience abroad

Yet you all are laughing as they call you mad!

They tell you that adaptability is the key to success!
What utter rubbish

Adaptability is the key to what success?

Adaptability is what has killed us!
We have made the Bible comfortable for each era

The problem with adaptability is that you move away from the original species

What is Evolution? Evolution is adaptability! Read Charles Darwin about the origin of species

Adaption through natural selection!
Was it a Christina book? No!

God remains the same yesterday today and forever

But today there is a different way to talk to Nigerians about god because they have a different god

Then you go to American and have a bling bling god

Then you go to England where the god is more conservative

The problem is this King James told his scholars to write the Bible with majesty

He tried to bring in the fact that the king is ordained by God

Up till today the Queen of England is the head of the church and the Bible you have comes from the Church of England

The Christianity you have is NOT the Jewish Christianity it is the British Christianity

How can Carnal Royalty become spiritual Royalty?

Is that why Jesus was nailed to the cross? So that an earthly king or queen can now become the head of the church

During the time of David and Solomon, God himself chose Kings

Did the Lord chose the queen?

Our faith has evolved to the point where we are looking at Kings & Queens as having some significant value to God

Time to go back to the basics
We have missed it

Remain Blessed

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