They are all copies. Question is, do you have the right copy?

Nigeria needs to be ready for the truth

Before Christ came we had prophets.

But now everyone has the same status. However, some people are here to guide us. It doesn’t mean they are more anointed.

There were prophets in the old testaments and they interceded. This was the old system

Revelation 22:6
The same God who inspired prophets, now through Christ communicates with us.

All you need to do is tune your heart to Gods frequency.

The devil also has his own frequency.

How do you know that your are tuned into God’s frequency?

You will know this when what you are hearing coincides with the scriptures

You are growing in the spirit and the network becomes clearer

How do you know you are tuned into the devils frequency?

The devil teaches individualistic religion! “It works for me”. Saying “I paid first fruits and it worked for me” is the frequency for the devil.

The mystery of the word of God is not not just about speaking in tongues

The mystery of the word of God:
“The word of God is in what is being said not in the language that is being used that hides the mystery”

How did people mature into adult Christians from baby Christians?

As it was based on syncretism, Lies, Error! Then they grew into syncretic adults!

It’s better to take the baby Christians out of the church before they are mounded into the wrong structure

What we have as Christian prayer today is in error it has nothing to do with Christ or the word of God

Fasting: When you read the scriptures you will see that King James made a mockery of translating the scriptures

In The Free Nation We are seekers of the truth we use the name Yahushua NOT Jesus

The 40 day fast as proposed by RCCG is a joke!
They are advertising 40 day fast and then First Fruits

Christ spent 33 years on earth and only fasted once when he was about to be crucified

Matthew 4:1
Christ went into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil!

We are “The stones” and when a pastor makes money off us he has turned us into bread!

You cannot finish the finished work of grace!
This is want these pastors are trying to do!

You cannot finish the finished work! It is already finished!

If you want to fast, fast for the right reasons and fast the right way

1 Peter 2:5
Your Pastor is turning the living stones (you) into bread for himself and his family

There is no original book of any book of the Bible

There is no shred of any page of any of the original scriptures

What we have are copies of copies of the scriptures

We have some copies that have Matthew 17:21 and there are some that do not!

You will find that newer bibles that came after King James do not have Matthew 17:21 because the book they found more authentic did not include that verse

Many verses in King James Bible do not exist in other bibles
Matthew 23:14 does not exist in newer bibles

King James inserted some foot notes into the Bible

Many churches are basing their fast on scriptures that have been expunged

The new covenant did not begin with the fasting and temptation of Christ! The new covenant began at the resurrection

Human effort is no longer necessary

Be careful so as not to ridicule the finished work of Christ on the cross.

Remain Blessed

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