The spirit of the world

A church system built on the wisdom and doctrine

of men does not have the spirit of God!

You have been deceived! They have built a church system based on the spirit of this world!

He who speaks in an unknown tongues – In the spirit – offers mysteries
1 Corinthians2:7

Any tongue that is of God contains the wisdom and mysteries of God

However, what they have taught us is the tongue of this world

No matter how apt a believer is, he is still dwelling in the wisdom of this world

Romans 8:29

Ephesians 3:10

We have built a church system based on the spirit of this world

Based on the wisdom and doctrine of men

Hebrews 1:2

No matter how wise, prudent or intellectual you are, as long as you are working with the spirit of this world, you are still going to be confused

Matthew 11:25

For you to have the spirit of God, you have to expunge yourself from the spirit of the world

2 Corinthians4:4
Remember Satan, the god of this world have confused and blinded many and they do not see the relevance of the son of God

1 Corinthians 2:4

Mark 7:7
They worship God in vain and teach as doctrine the shallow wisdom of man

When you lack the spirit, you will substitute it for your wisdom

Matthew 15:9
They teach man made ideas as commands from God

They have lost consciousness and contact with God.

So they teach you their mind and say “God said”

They do not understand the old law as a new covenant of grace

They are wise according to men
They do not have the spirit of God

But we will ingest the spirit of God as we grow in knowledge of him and so we see them as fools

It is the spirit of God that makes infants wise

Isiah 25:13-14
They worship with their mouth
But they do not have the spirit of God

They believe their ignorance is wisdom

It is time for us to seek the spirit of God and worship him in spirit and in truth

Remain Blessed

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