The Salt Test

It is time to apply “The salt test.”

In The Free Nation we do not use Jesus we use Yahushua and Yeshua

Thomas Edison coined the salt test. He wanted people to test things first.

In the Free Nation, all our teachings are scripture based.

Many churches do not pray to God, they pray to the god of their pastor.

In the free nation, everything we teach is verifiable.

In many Pentecostal churches, what they teach is not verifiable.

The Free Nation teaches the scriptures in Greek and make references to other original languages of the scriptures

The meaning of a Christian is being a follower is Christ. Christ comes first.

If you do not have the proper hierarchy of the scriptures your will be confused

As a Christian, the words of Christ come first.

Christ is our high priest, even though Moses was instrumental in the scriptures, we listen to Christ first.

The reason there is so much confusion in churches today is because churches do not put Christ first.

Being a Christian is not convenient.

Many churches pick and choose what works for them.

They cherry pick from the old and the new law and create a hybrid religion that is neither the old law nor the new law.

Unfortunately this means many so called Christians do not get the benefits of the old and new laws.

This hybrid religion does not give redemption under the old nor the new law.

Remember the words of Christ are superior to the words of the old prophets and the disciples.

Christ is the way he is the way to eternal life. You don’t worship a way, instead you use a way to get to eternal life by following instructions.

Being a Christian is not about going to church.

If you follow Christ and his teachings, it is not necessary to go to a church building.

Matthew 7:15
Beware of false prophets

Matthew 24:11
Beware of false prophets

Christ warned us about false prophets

How do you identify a false prophet?

How do you identify a prophet of Christ?

Isaiah 14:12 & Revelation 22:16
Christ and Satan are described in the same way. Both described as the bright morning star.

If you search the entire scriptures, you will observe that Satan only killed 10 people.

The Essence of Christianity is not to save you from the devil. It is to save you from the wrath of God.

Are you doing the salt test? Are you bothering to find out which morning star you are following?

The name Lucifer applies to both Christ and the devil.

The name Lucifer means the morning star
Christ is also described as the morning star.

Do your research.

The word Lucifer was replaced as the morning star by King James.

Isaiah 14:12
Luke 11:35
2 Corinthians 11:14
Matthew 6:19-24

You cannot serve God and money. You have to choose one.

Christ has instructed us to store our treasures in heaven.

Christianity was meant for only the Jews but Paul brought it to us.

Where is marriage in Christianity?

You cannot base the success of a Christian on marriage or material wealth. Doing this will be building our treasures on earth where moth destroy and where thieves break in and steal.

John the Baptist lived in the wilderness. He was described by Christ as the greatest man born of woman.

But if we were to use the standards of churches to judge John, we will conclude that he was not a successful person

John the Baptist lived in the wilderness. If John the Baptist lived in our world today, your GO will send him for deliverance.

Today we preach and practice a Christianity that the disciples cannot recognize.

Christ never promised anyone riches. Satan has blinded many
2 Corinthians 4:4

When you pray for your enemies to die, you are a child of Satan

When you pray for your enemies in love you are a child of God.

There are no gray areas.

Choose today whose side you are on.

Remain Blessed


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