The Religion of the Creator is Love

Daddyfreeze is a Christian, he

Birthed The Free Nation Church out of the necessity to free Nigerians from the shackles of mental slavery and the oppression of religion

Summary of Daddyfreeze discussion with SAT Guru Maharaji

Sat Guru Maharaji: Rumors spread that I had passed on
Lies! I am alive and well.
The Guru claims flowers are the symbol of love
Flowers play a spiritual role to mans advances. They have a Warm and welcoming fragrance

Daddyfreeze: Our biggest problem is connected with religious intolerance

Daddyfreeze: How do we live as a nation if we do not love one another.

Daddyfreeze: How do we spend this message of love

Daddyfreeze: Sat Guru is open unlike many of our Christian GO’s
He is humble while our GO’s are judgmental and hypocritical

Daddyfreeze: Who really can be taught love?
How can we take Nigeria as a whole and give the message of love, to stop killings, crime religious division

Sat Guru Maharaji: Our past and our history have been painted dark! For someone who does not know where he is coming from how can he know where he is going?
There is God within man
Seek the kingdom of heaven first, but some people are seeking the kingdom of their stomach.
There is a constitution and this constitution must be allowed to work
If we do not clear the road, the generation coming in will have a very difficult time.
Human beings are all equal to our creator.
If you are the best, you have to prove it with your attitude. You don’t need to pray any prayer, it is your action that counts
If we are going to expect a change, the change must come from within, from the individual. Self love. Love and accept yourself

Daddyfreeze: Even though I’m a Christian, the spirit of God permitted me to sit down with you and have a discussion. However when I sit down with some other Christians, they turn Christianity into a religion. There is God within each human being
In The book of Thomas, Jesus said “when I leave, split a wood, lift a rock, I am there. I am in you and around you” God is in you and around you. But because there are the powers that be, that make a living of selling God to you.
Here is and example of what is happening:
A man is sitting beside the river selling river water, you keep buying the river water from him instead of you to simply get the water directly

We don’t look inwards, we don’t know where we are coming from so how can we know where we are going?

We were taught the British Christianity. We have a doctored Christianity that keeps us subject to the British
There is God within us.

Sat Guru Maharaji: The core essence of my message is that civilization started from Africa but it all got spread out and separated by language barriers
Maji- You wake up This is the true name of the creator. But it has now been changed to Maharaji
What is missing is the Holy Spirit

Daddyfreeze: We don’t have the resources to embrace a foreign country or their traditions.
We have local medicinal herbs
90% of malaria happened in Subsaharan African and a Chinese woman got the novel
Peace price for the treatment of malaria
The time has come for us to look within
FELA is one of our greatest prophets! Africa unite.
Inside Christianity there is division
The disciples spoke the truth. Many of them faced horrible deaths
Jesus as clear, they did not love me, so they will not love you. Jesus took us out of the world and changed us for the world
The Free Nation is glad that SAT Guru is speaking a message of love

Where are the followers of Christ, People of other religions even understand Christ better than most Christians

Christ is not 10% of your monthly salary

Sat Guru Maharaji: Why do you want to give 10% to someone who wants to get you closer to your creator? The creator will pay him for his work
Don’t take money from someone because you healed them so their sickness will not come back to you. It is an exchange

Start now appreciating your children.
Take care of your husband. You want to know God, you want to seek God.
These things cannot be gotten from the world, you can get them from within.
The time is now, start caring for and loving each other. If you do your part and your spouse deceives you. The creator will react

Name and integrity are more important than money
Without knowing who we are we cannot Stand globally in the face of challenges.
We have to find out what went wrong. Once we start professing love for each other, Satan will no longer be able to come in-between us

Think about Black Panther movie. At the end of it all, the black community decided to sell their secret to the rest of the world. What we could have turned to technology they made into the white mans magic

FELA sang about suffering & smiling decades ago and this is still Nigerians problem today. It is a prophesy today.

Nigerians have been bi-witched into parting with their money because of religious doctrines today

The Free Nation collects no money in tithes or offerings. If you want to be blessed, give to the poor

People have to give out of a place of love and appreciation and not out of compulsion

Jesus fed 5000, but today 5000 are feeding Jesus

False humility is what is practiced in many churches today
If you want to be humble be humble! Stop false humility
Know who you are

Let us make Africa great again. You cannot be more catholic than the pope!

The people who brought us Christianity do not have shrines. We do.

Let is not stamp down our history. To progress and be great, we have to be willing to look inward

SAT Guru Maharaji: In conclusion, we have to be accepting of each other. We may differ in our doctrine and philosophy. But there is a need for unity. Religious and spiritual intolerance will keep us in deficit
The religion of the creator is Love

Daddyfreeze: Let us remove religion and bring in humanity. The rest of the world has started doing this.

Until the World comes together, Satan will keep wining.
The time is now to love each other.

Remain Blessed

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