The Rat King

They are living off your sweat While telling you

what your itching ears want to hear. 

We have been lied to for centuries.

We have been listening to the wrong message for too long

John 6:32

Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, Moses didn’t give you bread from heaven. My Father did. And now he offers you the true bread from heaven.

John 6:32 – NLT

It is not your pastor that is blessing you!

It is not your pastor that is healing you!

If there is any one who is doing the blessing it is a man who Yahushua refereed to as Allaha.

While Christ walked this earth, he spoke Aramaic. 

God in Aramaic is Allaha!

When you use the word God, there is always a possibility that it is a small letter god.

There is no small letter Allaha

We are not here to give motivational speeches 

The people who are prospering are the ones who do the work 

With all the speaking in tongues, prophesies, laying of hands, church on every corner, there are only 13 black billionaires in the world!

China has 400 billionaires 

All your die by fire prayers are not killing anyone 

Only your brain cells are dying by fire!

That is why you keep repeating the same nonsense everyday! 

Yahushua is the bread of life. Believe in him. 

But you believe in your pastors instead 

John 6:60 – 67

They saw Yahushua and still did not believe him 

The origin of Rat King.. rats tied together by their tails and going no where. 

This term has been changed and is being used for those who live off others.

The weight of the reformation lies on the Pope. He shows true humility.

He said church buildings that are not being used should be turned into housing for the homeless, but here in Nigerian churches are burning people’s businesses 

The popes of the past are the reasons for a lot of problems we have today.

What is birthed in corruption grows on corruption 

John Wycliffe – He saw the corruption in the papal establishment and wanted to do something about it. (Between 1330 and 1384) He tried to translate the Latin bible into English but he was arrested. 45 years after his death, they dug up his grace and burnt his bones.

You can end a man but you can’t end the truth. 

Jan Hus – 1402 was inspired by Wycliffe.  Believed social reform could be achieved through literacy. Giving people the Bible in a language they understand not Latin. He was arrested and burned by the government.

William Tyndale – 1600’s also killed for speaking the truth 

No matter how significant a lie is, in the face of the truth it pales. 

Today Religious lies are beginning to pale 

Most people then had no idea what the Bible really said. It was kept in Latin. 

Unless we rise to speak the truth, Christianity will crumble.

Any country that loves the poor will not crumble

Where is the love?

Your pastors preach a selfish message to you!

The Elijah message where only one widow was prospering!

That is NOT Christianity 

Don’t you know Yahushua came to change that!

In a town where everyone was dying only one woman was prospering! 

That is not Christianity 

Acts 4:32 is what Christianity is about! There was no hungry believer. 

Ecclesiastes 5:8

The poor were oppressed 

Proverbs 22:16

Oppressing the poor will lead to poverty! 

When we stop giving to the rich and we stop oppressing the poor, then we have a hope of coming out of poverty. 

Acts 8:3

Saul destroyed the church by going from house to house. 

Anywhere the brethren gathered was the church 

Any where 2 or 3 are gathered is a church 

You don’t need to buy or rent a big buildings 

 Acts 17:24

The Lord does not live in temples made by human hands

1 Peter 2:5

We are living stones building a spiritual temple not a physical temple 

Isaiah 66:1

You cannot build a house for the Lord

Acts 7:48 

The most high does not dwell in houses built by human hands

Romans 15:16

The offering we need to do is convert a soul to the truth.

They continue to put Yahushua with pagan gods

Acts 16:15-19

Remain Blessed 

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