The prosperity church bubble

What you thought was a spiritual life is

actually a bubble. 

Don’t be a casualty.

If you want to learn how to make money go get an education.

Your pastor doesn’t know how to make money he only knows how to tell you to give him money.

Why are you afraid to scrutinize your church leaders?

If you can’t scrutinize your church leaders, how can you scrutinize the scriptures?

There is no original book of any of the Bible books in existence today.

What we have are copies of copies.

There are some things in the Bible that we cannot understand because they are beyond us. 

The men and women of the Bible translated the Bible according to their understanding.

You have to sit down and scrutinize the scriptures as we have been told

The word of God is so big and powerful 

1 John 4:

You have to test all spirits to make sure they are from God

1 Thessalonians 5:20

Don’t treat a prophesy with contempt but test all. Any prophet that gives you a scripture that does not come to pass, do not be afraid of that prophet. 

Ritualists  are increasing in member. Women are in fear of their underwear being taken for rituals. 

What is the church teaching us?

The church teaches people to love money. People place money above humanity. 

The church leaders are to blame! Each time they fly that private jet, they want you to have a private jet. 

Pastors send subliminal messages. They are profiling your minds.

The Free Nation will be free from profiling in Christ’s name. Amen. 

It is time to re-aline our minds. What we thought was good, is not necessary good, and what we thought was bad, is not necessarily bad.

Because something is legally correct, does not make it morally correct. 

Because something is right according to the church, right according to society, does not mean it is right according to scripture.

We have began to dictate our own morals. Some will say, “This GO is a humble man.” Based on what? A humble man can still be a thief. 

A humble thief is still a thief.

Wearing cheap clothes but flying a private jet is not humble.

They use this hypocritical humility to profile you. 

Seeing is not believing. 

Seeing is confusing 

Many times, what you see is what is used to confuse you. 

You need to start looking for what is not visible. You need to start reading between the lines.

2 Peter 2:1

Telling a Christian that he will not make heaven if he does not pay tithe is a heresy 

Christ did not require for the thief on the cross to pay tithes before granting him heaven.

Yet you have your GOs telling you that if you don’t pay tithes you will not make heaven! HERESY!

Lazarus, a poor man was granted heaven. No where are we told that he paid tithes 

In the scriptures, the tithes was paid to the poor 

Their greed makes them ask you to pay 10% of your income 

Christ said the time has come where we no longer worship God in Jerusalem or any mountain but we worship God in spirit and truth. 

1 Peter 2:5

Christ demolished the holy places and made us a holy place. 

We are the stones building up a spiritual temple. 

We are all part of the temple and Christ is the corner stone of the temple.

1 king 13:18 

Read about the young and the old prophet 

The old prophet was lying and know that old prophets lie. 

If God wanted an old man to stand against the Pharisees, he would have waited for Christ to be 80 before starting his ministry. 

Christ ministry started when he was 30-33 years old. 

Christ rebuked the old prophets in Matthew. Because old prophets lie. 

If God wanted age to matter, he would have sent an old man. 

Don’t be afraid of prophets because of their age. 

A thief is a thief any way you look at it. They may just be an old thief.

Jeremiah 14:14

God did not send or anoint or appoint them. 

They are prophesying falsehood. Delusions of their own mind. 

Jeremiah 23:15

They are filing you with false hopes. Spending visions from their own minds not from God.

Churches are giving you false hope.

The Church does not save people from poverty!

Work saves people from poverty.

Non Christian Nations are becoming great through industrialization, modernization, education, housing etc. but here we are building more churches! 

No one prospered through prayer and fasting 

In many countries prostitution and other acts are legal. Using cannabis is legal. Yet they have very low crime rate.

In Nigeria these same acts are illegal yet we have very high crime rates. 

Matthew 7:15

2 Timothy 4:3

People want to hear what their itching ears what to hear

People with no education and no trade, go looking for someone to tell them they will prosper. 

As long as you remain a baby Christian, you cannot see the errors in your pastors.

What we practice is Christianity mixed with tradition and it has become syncretism 

Act 1:12 – 26 Contradicts Matthew 27:1-10. 

So how do you know where the mistake is?

If you can’t tell your pastor that he got the doctrine wrong, how can you then tell the disciples.

Galatians 2:11 – 14

Peter was afraid of criticism, but Paul was not and he rebuked Peter. He corrected Peter in front of everyone (verse 14)

David was a man after God’s heart but he made a lot of mistakes.

Jeremiah clearer than psalms for this contradiction mentioned above.

If those who followed Christ could be wrong, how about your GOs?

1 Corinthians 5: 12

Don’t be afraid to judge. 

The church leaders are faulty. 

Religion and belief is not about what is working, it is based on what the scriptures say.

Result does not guarantee genuineness of spirit 

What is the value of the Nigerian Christian church?

What value are you really getting? 

This is what the churches do for us:

We are not getting richer!

We remain Scripture illiterates!

Rituals are on the increase!

Drugs are on the increase 

Love is almost non existence!

It’s time for you to demand value from your church. 

When you do, the prosperity bubble will burst.

The count down is on.

Put your faith in value not in the hope of value. 

Build your church on solid ground not on the hoax of a rock! 

Together we can make Nigeria great again. 

Yes we can. 

Remain Blessed 

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