The Process

Where many have failed, we did not fail.

We show love for humanity, in our demonstration for love for God.

A young man who sat with his baby by the roadside and the churches only helped him with 30,000 Naira where he needed 15million Naira.

The Free Nation took action and together with other humanitarians in under 24 hours 10 million was raised.

Social media works but the church does NOT work!!

Churches can’t heal and they can’t even give money! It is all messed up.

It is time to unlock your full potential.

Success is not money!
Fine clothes, palaces do not define success. Look at the life of Christ.

Upgrade your mind and your spirit with the scriptures .

1 Peter 2:1
Be done with deceit! Anyone who is still teaching tithes and first fruits today is not done with deceit.

Be done with your hypocrisy! You build big schools that your members cannot attend!

Be done with jealousy! When a pastor stands on the pulpit and curses his congregation that’s messed up!

Crave it so you can grow into the full experience of your potential

Unlock your experience for salvation!

Come to Christ who is the living corner stone of God’s temple. You are living stones that God is building into his temple.

Medical science is a miracle. It is one of the greatest human achievements

If you don’t have the full experience, you will not understand that medical science is part of God’s miracle.

Medical science heals more per hour than Christ healed while on earth. At the end of the day all healing and glory belong to God.

1 Peter 2:9
We are a chosen people
So why pay tithes to a priest when you are a priest? There are no senior priest, there are only teachers.

Christ was rejected by people but chosen by God for great honor

Don’t reject the corner stone.
We are disgraced because we don’t trust in him.

Acts 8:14-20
Stop giving money to get the Holy Spirit, you will perish with your Money

Buying and selling the Holy Spirit carries a curse.

Acts 4:32 The believers shared all they had and there were none needy among them.

Don’t turn the corner stone of the temple into a stumbling block

Nigerians like results. Many people keep saying “it is working for me” yet our nation is now the poorest in the world

Psalm 103:7
God revealed his character to Moses and his deed to the people of Israel

Are you part of the process or are you just waiting for the results.

In the time of Moses, Only the chosen could be in the tent.

Today 1 Peter 2:4
We are coming to Christ, the living corner stone, we are the living stones that God is building his temple.
Stay in the process. If you do not, it is your fault.

Hebrews 9:11

Galatians 3:23
The promise and the law
Every man is a man of God. Don’t down grade yourself

It is time to get busy working the process

Galatians 5:1

Numbers 20:2 – 13
Moses got the results but was out of the process. There was a consequence.

In the new priesthood there is no Mannar we are part of the process

It’s time to take your position as a priest, recognize your priesthood and get out of the old covenant

Be part of the process, stop seeking results

Unlock your full potential

Remain Blessed


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