The Paulian Paradox

Paul created the Necrosis and churches today

have taken what Paul meant as a concession and turned them into commands from God.

There are many promises in the scriptures that even he, Paul, did not benefit from yet he preached them.

God gave us the scriptures and history so we can have a better understanding understanding.

Christ never collected tithes.
The tithing system was a Leviticus System. Abraham and Melchizedek are still the shadow of the covenant.
They are a shadow of Christ

All the old covenant died on the cross. The new covenant was birthed with the resurrection of Christ.

The only covenant that counts is the covenant with Christ.

The old law tells us that to be right with God we must obey all the laws. (Galatians 5:1) But in Christ we are under the new covenant.

But churches today ignore all the other laws and pick only tithes because it favors them

1 Corinthians 7:6

Today we have taken what Paul meant as a concession and turned them into commands.

2 Corinthians 9:11
Acts 26:29

Paul was bound he was in chains, he had a thorn that God did not remove.

We see a paradox in Paul’s writing.

Paul said he was a human being just like we are. Meaning as we can make errors, so can Paul.

We need to look at the scriptures carefully or we will be like the people who brought bulls to sacrifice to Paul.

As a Christian, the scriptures tell us to test all things including the words of Paul.

The prosperity doctrine will tell us that Paul said to give generously and when you give generously you will never lack. This is not entirely true. Even Paul lacked at some point.

Paul said this to encourage people to give generously which is a good thing yet it has been turned into a revenue source for many pastors.

Paul said he found common ground with all men just to ensure that the message passed across. But the weakness of men was passed along with the message.

It is our duty to identify the weakness of Paul and cut it out of the word of God.

If you do not know the mouth of the word of God, you will confuse a concession of Paul as a command from God.

Many pastors now bring brainless dead concessions and say “God said.”

Today you will find some pastors saying that you must inform them first before your parents when you want to get married.

1 Corinthians 9:19
With Paul we have paradoxes – he talks about living under the law but not subject to the law. How is this possible?

The only parts of the scriptures without fault are the words of Christ.

Galatians 2:17
Paul corrected Peter. Both had flaws

Old or New Testament, Christianity is about following Christ. The disciples and prophet of the scriptures had their flaws.

Test all spirits. Test all words

Remain Blessed


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