The Motivation Doctrine – Illusion of Hope

Many go to church to feed on the motivation of


Many of you go to your churches not to feed on the word of God but to feed on the words of Men.

You don’t feed on the word of God but you feed on the motivation of men.

Motivation has no business in the church.

If you want motivation go and read books about great men and women.

Many of our kids dream of living outside of Nigeria.

We have failed them.

Human beings will not be alive today if it wasn’t for the bees. The bees keep us alive.
The bees work.

Nigerians have become like cockroaches. They have never built anything, have no work ethics, yet they want to drive luxurious cars.

So we want to take off to other countries to enjoy roads and civilization that we did not build.

In Kenya, killing an animal is punishable by death. They use wild animals as a source of revenue.

In Nigeria, We eat our revenue.

You must create real hope

As Karl Max said, religion is the opium of hope for the hopeless

For you to remove religion, the hope of the people, you must create real hope.

Religion is the illusion of hope. You have a child who is sick, you start praying about it. Yet there are some people who just walk into a hospital, that is real hope.

Medical science is the real hope. Medical science healed more people than Christ and the disciples combined.

The real miracle of this generation is that we have the mind to breed and create medical science.

Medical science has been able to curb so many diseases.

Educating your children creates real hope.

Praying for your children to survive and prosper when they have no training, no education, no resources, is the illusion of hope.

For you to remove the illusion of hope, you have to create real hope.

But when you want to create real hope those selling the illusion will stand against you because you are spoiling their business

The same way they stood against Paul and Silas when he removed the demon from the woman who was prophesying.

When we become too busy working, we will have no need to be motivated.

Wake up and tell yourself, I don’t need motivation! I need to work.
Cut the motivational speakers out.

Only lazy people need motivation. Countries where they work hard, have no need for motivation.

Matthew 25:31 – 46 is all it takes to enter heaven.

Every thing else is extra. If you don’t pray for the rest of your life, and you obey Christ, you will make heaven faster than those people congregating.

Religion is part of the problem. Leave out the religion and start to work.

You cannot make money off me by telling me what I already know.

I will not be going to the riverside to buy water. I’m going with my bucket to fetch my own water.

The Holy Spirit does not have the limitations of the human body. But we have limitations.

Time to wake up and do the work

Remain Blessed

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This teaching was very awesome. I really wish people open their eyes and learn instead of living in darkness. Thanks to Daddy Freeze my eyes are shinning and I have been reading new portions in the scripture that pastors don’t want Christians to know.

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