The Measurement of Life

The messages preached in churches today will

produce greed, depression and make people want to kill themselves.

Everything happens for a reason

The world measures carnally
Someone once measured Daddyfreeze against a popular general overseer

He stated that the GO has many businesses but Daddyfreeze is an employee.

Is this the type of measurement that Christ teaches us?

Sadly the prosperity doctrine has made people lose the real essence of measurement according to the scriptures

The prosperity doctrine measures people by how much they own and by their position in society

Depression is real and it can lead to suicide.

After a broken marriage, even if the marriage was not working, depression sets in for many Christians

The reason is because the church teaches Christians that divorce is a sin! They would rather a person stay in a dead marriage than get a divorced

Depression sets in because the church and society will view a divorcee as a failure

Perception becomes a problem because of what society thinks!

Church and society preach “fix your marriage”

They tell you marriage is to be endured NOT enjoyed

It is time to know that there is hope after a failed dead marriage

Pentecostal churches lead people to depression because of their financial doctrine

People judge and look down on others based on their job and what they do for a living.

Christ said John the Baptist was the greatest man. He was not married, he did not have a business and a big house.

John the Baptist was successful in the eyes of Christ but a failure in the eyes of the Pentecostal church

In the eyes of the Pentecostal church, Mary and Martha are failures because until the scriptures ended they had no Husband

Paul is a failure by Pentecostal standards because he had no wife

Elijah is a failure by Pentecostal standards because he was never married

Christ is also a failure by Pentecostal standards because he never married

As long as you keep listening to the doctrine of fools, you will evolve into bigger fools

Ephesians 1:15-23
The prayer is for you to grow in your knowledge of God

You are rich in God not because you own paper money, but because you are rich in the knowledge of God

To the Pentecostal Christian the scriptures of Ephesians 1:15-23 is about money

Luke 12:13 – 15
Christ said life is not measured by how much you own!

If Christ visited many churches he will not recognize what is being preached.

People look at pastors and ask  them what they have achieved

These pastors boast of their achievements in terms of material wealth.

They fail to understand that achievement is
NOT in a Banks
NOT in cars
NOT in jets
NOT in houses
NOT in properly
The measurement of life is not in what you own
Instead brag on the word of God that gives you wisdom

Luke 12:16 – 21
When you die, what you own does not count in your favor

What counts is what you did with your life

Some general overseers brag about drinking tea with God, giving God cars! They got it wrong.

Before God, your material possessions do not count

The measurement of life is in the love you show and the love you give

Luke 8: 14
The riches of life, the wealth of life, chokes the word from you and prevents you from being fruitful

Luke 16:13 – 14
You cannot serve God and be enslaved to money

What this world honors is detestable in the sight of God

2 Timothy 4:3
Financial prosperity of this world is detestable to God

Acts 7:48

I Timothy 4:1- 2
Dead consciousness

Jude 1:18 – 21

1 Timothy 6:5
Godliness is NOT a means to financial gain!

Any Christian that is teaching you about that hour of faith, that the love is God is a means to financial gain, is a thief and liar!

Your life is measured by love.
Your love is measured by how much concern you have for eachother

Remain Blessed

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