The leader of the #FreeNation Daddy Freeze writes about Asari, Don Jazzy and dieziani in new instagram post

I do not support Asari insulting Don Jazzy, because

Jazzy didn’t insult him.

However, let’s look at this critically, bearing in mind that the world loves to demonized whoever they choose to demonize, not taking into consideration any good that person might have done, just the same way they make heroes out of whomsoever they choose, blindly ignoring the skeletons, (sometimes entire graveyards) hidden in their closets.

Dieziani is not ‘solely’ responsible for Nigeria’s woes. They were there before her and have continued after she left power. Well, you can say she contributed towards the current state of the Nation’s economy, but so did many of your so called ‘heroes’ of democracy and even your pastors and Daddy GOs who collected cash gifts, tithes and offering from unverifiable sources.

I heard a story taken from the teachings of the Muslim Holy Prophet, Muhammed (SAW) about fairness. A man who had two apples, asked the prophet if it would be fair to give one to each of his wives and the prophet replied “No, take a knife and cut each apple into two and give each wife one half of each apple; just in case one apple is sour and the other is sweet.”

Let us be fair with Dieziani so we don’t give her the sour apple, while her ‘teachers’ end up with the sweet one!

Roast them all or free them all, but in all, be fair to them all! ~FRZ



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