The Harlot! The Great Prostitute!


The prosperity pastors have turned the church into

“The great Prostitute” Ezekiel 17

The only way to worship God is in spirit and Truth.

For decades, we have been taught lies about the spirit.

If you take a lie and insert some truth into it. The truth becomes contaminated by the lies. The truth does not purity the lies

If you take the truth and you insert a little lie, the truth will be contaminate by the lies

There is no predominantly Pentecostal Church that is prospering

There are Muslim, Buddhist and other countries prospering. Yet they are NOT preaching the prosperity gospel

The largest Christian population in Nigeria are the Pentecostal Christians. We are not prospering as a nation because our truth has been contaminated by lies upon lies

The truth once diluted can never be the truth (@jyggacollins)

Revelation 17 – Tells is about The great Prostitute

The gospel is free. The Free Nation promotes the free gospel

If you don’t understand the real
Meaning of fornication, you can never understand the Book of Revelation

Ezekiel 23

Hosea 1
Israel acted like a prostitute by turning away from the Lord and worshipping other gods.

Nigeria, worshipping men and worshipping money is prostitution.

The great Prostitution is who many of you give money to, thinking you are giving money to God.

Bible Verses
Revelation 17
Ezekiel 23
Hosea 1

Remain Blessed

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