The Greed Doctrine

Pastors! Entertainers! Showing big houses and cars!

Forcing this illusion on the masses! Giving fake testimonies …. you are partly to blame.

When a person posts something on their social media handle full of lies and attributes it to being a child of “Grace” and “Blessings”
We have to wonder what is being taught in churches

Is this the definition of grace?

Because you built a house does not mean the grace of God is upon you!

Christ never built a single house. And he IS the grace of God!

Like 9:58
You will be living in deception to think that a mansion is a blessing from God

Luke 7:20
John the Baptist was not a flamboyant man! Those who live in palaces wear expensive clothes

Matthew 6:1
The high priests and the teachers of religious law, those who conspired to kill him live in palaces

It is time to start separating your hard work from God

If you think a mansion is a gift from God, it’s time to start thinking otherwise

God never promised anyone on this earth a mansion

There were people who served God who lived poor

Luke 7:24
Neither John nor Christ were dressed in expensive clothes

The religious teachers we have today have substituted the blessings of God, which is a promise of the world to come with material gifts in this world

The church has put pressure on people to feel blessed or lacking in blessing if they do not measure up materially

According to the teachers of religious law, it is stagnation when you are still driving the same car

It has labeled unmarried women of a certain age!
You hear such labels as:
😱 She is a witch
😱 She has marine spirit
😱 She has a spirit husband
😱 She is cursed
😱 She has expired

Martha and Mary who sat at Christ’s feet did not have a husband through out the scriptures

So does that mean they had marine spirits?

A woman who publicly lies and puts herself as a child of “grace” based on the blessings she claims to have acquired, has been schooled in error

So does that mean that someone who does not have a house is not a child of grace?

This is an abuse of the finished work of Christ

Colossians 2:20
Things deteriorate as we use them

A house can never be a blessing! You can work and earn it

Only in a country of poverty do you hear people praying for the necessities of life

Acts 7:44
Solomon built a temple! The most high does not live in temples built by human hands

Matthew 24:1
The temples will be completely demolished

Not one stone will be left on top of the other. If the house that was built for God was demolished, these things we use will deteriorate

God left the building and lives in us! So how then can you say building a house is the grace of God?

We have been fed lies! Thieves! Yahoo boys! Pagans! All can build houses!

Lack of knowledge of God and the poverty in our land make people think of God’s grace as material things

Listen to the testimonies people give in churches today!!!

1 Corinthians 4:11
The disciples were dressed in rags and homeless! They were hungry! They were often beaten.

Did all the above reduce the grace of God in them? NO!

We need to start teaching the truth about the Grace of God and stop teaching the material gospel!

The effect of the material gospel is what is affecting our society today!

People are under so much pressure to show that they are materially successful that they go to all lengths to prove that God Blessed them

2 Corinthians 6:5
The disciples faithfully preached the truth and have the power of God working in them. They continue to serve God even in poverty, hunger & riots!

They proved that the grace of God is in them by their sincere love.

The disciples were rich in the grace! This is what the churches should teach us

1 Timothy 6:5
People with corrupt minds think that godliness is a means to financial gain

You can be Godly and poor
• John the Baptist
• The disciples

David was a King, he was blessed because he went to war and slaughtered people! Better get your facts right about David!

Don’t you know that the covenant covering you supersedes the one God had with David? David did not have the Holy Spirit to guide him

Acts 7:55
Stephen was filled with the Holy Spirit , yet he died

If you start believing that a house is the grace and blessing from God, you are deluded

You are saying the finished work of Christ on the cross is not good enough until it is accompanied by materialization

The 3 biggest issues with our church today
• Personalization of the scriptures
• Monetization of the scriptures
• Syncretism of the scriptures

Remain Blessed


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  1. Wilson Agbala Odeh says:

    Thank you Daddy Freeze for this enlightenment. I have always thought of this! But my friends @the Pentecostal churches thinks am rebellious and deluded with the catholic doctrines. They thought that the catholic has no holy spirit because they don’t preach prosperity. They boast of material things and make it look like the ultimate blessings from God. May God continue to use you to lead people to the undiluted teachings of Christ. May God spirit always be with you….

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