The Establishment

No body became a billionaire from sowing seeds!

Enterprise and industry NOT building a church is what makes you a billionaire.

The problem is not the pastors! The problem is the establishment.

Christ said pull down this temple and I will build it in three days! It is time for the temple to come down and go back to the way Christ established it when he rose and met with Mary Magdalene.

Many of you do not understand Christianity.

You do not understand that the Old Testament was a shadow of things to come.

A lot of people believe the word of God is democratic and it’s up for votes!

God’s word is not to be voted upon! God’s word is God’s word!

The scriptures say Christ did not come to bring peace.

The current establishment is a failed one

Acts 21:
The apostles choose a replacement for Judas.

The apostles never cast lots over God’s word!

They never cast lots in the teachings of Christ.

They only cast lots over picking someone to replace Judas.

Black people are being pulled down daily.

Priests molest children daily and the priests go free

There are only 13 billionaires in the world.

Corrupt politicians and pastors are not recognized world wide!

There are more Israeli billionaires than black billionaires in the world.

We are reading a slave book! The King James Bible! A man who sold black People as slaves.

Why are you reading a book authorized by a man who sold your ancestors.

Use better scrolls and do away with King James Bible who was part of the enslavement establishment.

This establishment was established with the wrong motives! Selfish interest and self centered gain!

We have 20 churches on a single street yet we have produced only 4 billionaires!

Where are all the seed sowers?

There is no church that can claim that any of their members became a billionaire from paying tithes.

You boast of having the biggest church in the world yet you are contributing nothing to lift up your fellow brothers.

The black man is 6 times more likely to buy a luxury can than a white man, to show off money that he does not have.

This is due to a faulty establishment.

The British took only blacks as slaves. No other race. Wake up!

Remain Blessed

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