The Cobra Effect in India – The Religious Effect in Nigeria

Nigerians torment eachother with “church!”

When an attempted solution to a problem makes it worse it can destroy the people.

The center of the Cobra Effect problem was money
The moment people were making money their honesty becomes compromised.

The Christianity Effect- British rule in Nigeria
They brought a solution without understanding the people.

There was a time when Nigerians used disease to torment eachother.

They had priests of shapona (small box)
Ignorance led to massive deception.

Today we are doing this again to eachother. Now they call it “church.”

Pastors threaten people With death, poverty, not making heaven. We now have the Shapona Effect

We need to get to a place where money cannot be used to tempt us

It is time to refuse to be your pastors office. It is time for pastors to rent their own office

People keep praying for God to bless Nigeria! You got it wrong! You might as well pray for Nigeria to flow with milk & honey so some people will go and fetch honey while others go and fetch milk.

We do not have a single natural disaster in Nigeria but we have a disastrous people

Instead for praying, do something to further industrial growth in Nigeria.

Stop looking for blessings and miracles.

Pray like Jacob, understand revelation like pharaoh.
Build store houses like pharaoh
Understand the difference.

Remain Blessed

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