The Catholic Church! Masters of Deception!

Read the 12 strong points from scripture and

History Shaking the Catholic table

The current pope, Pope Francis Is awesome. He is a good man who represents Christ in many ways. Genuinely humble and kind

Over the years the Catholic Church has alined its doctrine as much as possible with the likeness and resemblance of Christ.

Not necessarily the doctrine of Christ

The true Catholic priest shares a resemblance to Christ and the disciples

But an average Pentecostal GO looks like Herod and a Pharisee

However, the Catholic Church have been an age old deceiver is Christianity

God wants us to worship him in spirit and truth but here we are worshipping him with statues and other nonsense

The nonsense in ALL churches today started with the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church never had good intentions

Matthew 23 was dedicated to the hypocrisy of the Pharisees so how dare Catholics think they are untouchable!

Mary was a woman of color! She was not White! So that blond Mary you worship is a fraud!

The Pentecostal Church is only about 100 years old!

Tithing is over 1,500 years old and started with the Catholic Church

1️⃣ In 360 AD the headquarters of the Catholic Church was transferred to Rome! Was Yeshua from Rome?

This has nothing to do with Christ but everything to do with politics

2️⃣ The name Jesus! Acts 4:12 tells us that there is no other name under which we can be saved!

Yet they changed the name of Christ from Yeshua to Jesus (a name invented some 400 years ago)

Yeshua means salvation. Where did the name Jesus come from?

Zeus = Greek Sun God (so Sun-day worship)
Sus in Latin = swine!

The gentiles wanted a savior, but they did not want a Jewish savior

There was never a man born on December 25th to Mary and Joseph

Sound doctrine has been contaminated

2 Timothy 4:3
They teach man made ideas as if it is from God. They teach want itching ears want to hear

3️⃣ The first council of Nicaea. In 325 AD. Council of Christian Catholic bishops who decided what happens to Christianity in Nicaea (Current day Turkey) This was organized by emperor Constantine

They agreed on the uniform observation of Easter and in 367 AD the 66 books of the Bible (Cannon) were approved

So let’s break this down! The Bible we have today was decided by a council in Turkey

4️⃣ The Christmas and Easter LIE!

The first observed December 25th Christmas Day was in 336 AD by emperor Constantine. A few years later Pope Julius officially declared this date approved for the birthday of Jesus.

Who gives the pope the right to give Jesus a birthday! Even the disciples did not give Jesus a Birthday

Other religions agreed with this and then they made Sunday a holy day. The day of Sun worship

The real meaning of Christmas is Sun worship. A reminder to all life on earth that we owe every thing to the sun

Sun worship is the pillar of so many religions. They celebrate the victory of the strength of the sun over the forces that try to oppress it. The winter solace is another reason for this season. Sun worship and other pagan religion are the reason for the season

Christians wrongly think they invented Christmas!

People profit from Christmas! It is a pagan tradition and has Absolutely nothing to do with Yeshua

5️⃣. The indulgences! Certain bishops of the Catholic Church saw indulgences as a very good way to get rich

They threatened people and collected money in exchange for forgiveness of sins.

Martin Luther spoke about it.
This is what the Pentecostal churches are doing today

Collecting money in exchange for salvation started with the Catholic Church

6️⃣. Inquisition lasted for about 700 years. Anyone who spoke against the Roman Catholic Church was condemned!

They killed people! Tortured people who dared go against the Catholic Church

7️⃣ The Catholic crusades in 1095. Pope Urban 11. In 1096 major massacre occurred. The church wanted to have authority over everything. Over 1.7 million people were killed in total

Only Christ has the capacity to forgive the Catholics for what they did in the crusades!

So how dare you point your finger at other religions

The Free Nation has forgiven you, but with the amount of blood on your hands don’t you dare point your fingers at others

Humble yourselves! Do not believe that you are better than anyone else! You are Not. We are all a work in progress

If we are to measure sin for sin and crime for crime, you are 10 times worse

8️⃣. The infamous Galileo Galilei, and this can never go away! He was good friends with Pope Urban. But his heliocentric thoughts were not approved by the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church put a ban on thinking. No one was allowed to have / verbalize their own thoughts

For daring to speak the truth, Galileo Galilei was placed under house arrest for the last 9 years of his life by the Catholic Church

Pope John Paul later apologized after 350 years of this occurrence

9️⃣. Joan if Arc was executed for heresy in 1431, (she was around 19 years old) because they claimed that she wore men’s clothing while in prison.

This was forbidden and the punishment was to be burned at the stake

She requested that her last meal be holy communion and the Catholic Church refused because they wanted to ensure that her soul be condemned to hell

After her death it was discovered that she never wore men’s clothing. Her case was appealed 25 years later and she was exonerated by the Pope in 1456

🔟. The case of Jan Hus was one of the two most appalling incidents of the Catholic Church.

In 1415, Jan Hus stated the the priests, popes, bishops and arch bishops were immoral and sinned just like every other human. He said the church was corrupt.

The Catholic Church Burned Jan Hus at the stake in 1415!

1️⃣1️⃣. William Tyndale decided to translate the Bible into English so the people of England could read it for themselves.

He could not get anyone in the Catholic Church to help him.
They did not want the Bible readily available to the commoners

They Catholic Church wanted all the power. How can the church keep the power if all people had access to the Bible.

While in hiding in Germany, in 1525, he finished translating the New Testament. It was printed and smuggled into Europe.

When the Catholic Church found out, they burned the Bibles in public.

It was the Catholic Church that started the burning of bibles

Tyndale wrote about the divorce is King Henry V111

He was caught and charged with heresy and burned at the stake in 1536.

Till this day, the Catholic Church has not apologized

1️⃣2️⃣. Tithing!!!!

The early churches expectation that every person should tithe started in 585 AD and 600 years later it provided for excommunication of any Catholic who decided not to tithe

Martin Luther uncovered papal indulgences

Centuries later mandatory tithes were collected which very closely resembled American taxes

Today the Catholic Church realize their error and have stopped tithing.

The fact still remains, tithing started in the Catholic Church in 585 AD

Tithing did not start with Jesus or the disciples

The current Pope is loved and he is a resemblance of Christ on earth, however this does not exonerate the Catholic Church and the blood letting and murders of the past

The Free Nation holds a grudge against the Catholic Church until Tyndale is exonerated and the Catholic Church personally apologizes for his murder

Remain Blessed

One thought on “The Catholic Church! Masters of Deception!

  1. jasonc65 says:

    The worst deception of all is salvation by works. The Catholic Church taught salvation by sacraments. Martin Luther taught salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone, but did not keep it real. He taught that baptism was necessary. Baptists teach romans road: salvation by prayer. Lordship Salvation is a recent movement that teaches salvation by repenting of sin and making jesus lord. It’s a reptilian jesus.

    Churches are like political parties. They all work for the Cabal. When they aren’t stealing money, they are robbing grace. Jesus is never enough.

    But the gospel is not a new party. It is as old as the Lamb slain from the foundation of the earth. Salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. It is not by one work, not even by prayer. Mere belief in the death and resurrection saves. Adeola Fayehun had it right when she said: Jesus is enough and has never disappointed anyone.

    Arguments about color and pronunciation are distractions that should be avoided. is devoted to freeing the sheeple from Lordship Salvation.

    Ron Shea clearly presents the gospel in tract form. Be blessed.

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