The by-products state of mind

Love your neighbor here, on earth, before you

export your love to heaven

It is time to start showing real love to each other

It is time to stop exporting love to heaven when we have not loved here on earth

We were raised with a lot of errors

For centuries one of the things that kept Africa backward is the fact that we do not question conventional knowledge

We do not question conventional wisdom

The words of someone who is two days older than you is considered authoritative simply because they are older.

We are used to hearing statements like “we’ve been doing it that way, what do you know?”

There was a time when some things were considered wrong, but they later became right because some bold people fought against the system

What we had as conventional wisdom in the 14th century, by the 18th century it had been overthrown by new development in technology and ideology

With religion, there is no new development.

We are not getting new scriptures

The scriptures are the same and have not changed.

However understanding them and reading them is evolving

People are beginning to see that these things have always been in the scriptures

But because we have to listen to people who are older than us, people we consider as more knowledgeable than us, at the end of the day, we have stagnated our belief system, and we have put as priority what others taught us

We need to assign value to whom value is due

Luke 3:11
We have to put love above all things.
To inherit the kingdom is love. So why put the kingdom before love?

The kingdom is a byproduct-of love and not the other way around

Luke 10:25
The Pharisees and Christ never agreed on anything. This is one of the first instances where they both agreed

Matthew 22:37-39
Nothing mattered but compassion

Christ did not tell him to go and fast, sow a seed or look for a father in the lord!
Christ simply told him to show mercy

If you don’t know how to show love and mercy, don’t join the prayer group. Your prayers will be useless

1 Corinthians 13:1
Sadly many pastors put you through the byproduct mentality.
They have you chasing after heaven, prayer, money and fasting instead of chasing after love

Colossians 2:20 tell us that all these teachings are based on human understanding and will expire as we use them

There is a curse upon those who have refused to take care of the needy

Many Pentecostal pastors are living their heaven here on earth and you are paying for it

1 Corinthians 13:1
Revelation and prophesy are partial but love is whole and complete. Love lasts for ever

Faith, Hope and Love will last for ever and the greatest is love

1 John 4:20
Loving your neighbor is the most important because if you don’t love your neighbor that you see, how can you love God whom you have not seen

When you love, no demon can come near you

We need to understand the concept of salvation, heaven, God and Love

Pastors who tell you to pray for your enemies to die are lying to you

Matthew 5:43
Love your neighbor and pray for your enemies

Matthew 25:31
This is proof that Christ existed

Once you learn to love and obey God, heaven comes for free

1 Timothy 6:1-6
Godliness with content is great gain
1 Timothy 10:3
Teach and insist on these teachings

You are a slave when you listen to and obey anyone teaching you false doctrine

People who are eager for money wander from  the faith

When the church makes you eager for money it is not the house of God

You sow seeds and pay tithes because you are believing you will gain money

1 Timothy 6:17
Teach those who are rich in this world. This means not everyone in this world will be rich. But no matter what, their trust should be in God

Don’t bow to the false doctrine of the world

Acts 14:8
An adulterous generation looking for signs and wonders are quick to call other men gods

When pastors tell you to bring your sacrifice they are telling you to do what Paul was fighting against

1 Samuel 9:7
In the Old Testament a lot of men were called men of God.

Today we know we are the living stones. We are greater than all the men of God from the Old Testament

Hebrews 10:14
There was one offering and one sacrifice. Christ

The most important thing is love. Love is greater than any gift.

Remain Blessed

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