Ten Scriptural reasons why Pastor Chris is wrong with the “Husband is Master” narrative

The word husband does not mean master. When

you push the narrative master, you create slaves.

Although the Bible seems to support this, in actual sense it doesn’t.

But we have allowed subtle incapacitation to take over our minds and suggest to us a narrative that was passed down to us unconsciously.

Sometimes because something is mentioned, there is a way it works on your mind to have that thing unconsciously. This is what advertising does

We have been dealt the confirmation bias.

Sometimes your mind confirms what you are looking for and tends to add every little thing as evidence whether it is related to that issue or not.

The false narrative is the fact that God created man first then God created woman

The truth is that the book of Genesis has NEVER been found. There is no original copy of any books of the Bible

However, what makes Genesis more troubling is that the original scrolls that were interpreted had portions missing and those portions were filled in by scholars.

You cannot use an incomplete book to teach a faith

Read Genesis: 1: 26-27
“Then God said, let us create human beings in our image to be like us.
Vs 27
“So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.
Genesis 1:27 NLT

Genesis has a lot of conflicting narratives.

Genesis 2:18 – 23 contradicts Genesis 1:26-27

They are united into one. This does not make anyone a master
Read Genesis 2:24

The 10 scriptural reasons:

(1) Genesis 3:1-6
If Adam was the master, why didn’t the snake give him the apple to give Eve? Why was it the wife that was more powerful to convince the man to eat. Eve’s eyes were opened first. The woman is a Stronger vessel not the man.

(2) Genesis 16:1-3
Hagar Abraham and Sarah:
How come it had to be Sarah to suggest to Abraham that he should use Hagar to carry his child.
Abraham had no plans of making Hagar his wife.
Sarah took charge and Abraham listened.
Even though Sarah called Abraham her lord, the most important decision was brought forward by Sarah.

(3) Rebecca: How come it was Rebecca that decided the destiny of her two sons and not Isaac? The whole scamming to let Isaac Bless Jacob was planned by Rebecca.
Rebecca switched the position of Esu and Jacob.

(4) Genesis 27:41
Genesis 28:1
Let it be established that Rebecca was the real master
Rebecca continued to take charge of the destiny of her children. First she did not want to lose both of them and also she did not want Jacob to marry from the region

(5) Judges 16:
Who was stronger? Samson or Delilah?
Let it be known that Judas who betrayed Christ, collected 30 pieces of silver. Delilah collected 1,100 pieces of silver from the rulers of the philistines.

(6) John 4:25
John 6: 60
The first person to know that Christ was the messiah was the Samaritan woman. Christ told her before he told the disciples.
You will see that what the men could not understand, Christ explained to a Samaritan woman and she understood it

(7) The word “Master” has that subliminal suppression. The opposite of master is “slave” or “servant”
Leader is more appropriate. The man is the leader while the woman is his council.
The word master is filled with suppression
The leader is the figure head. The real decision making is never done by the leader
It is done by the council of advisors that advise the leader. In a marriage that’s the woman role. She has the wisdom, strength and understanding that a man fails to have.

The more you suppress your women, the more you suppress your wisdom.
Africa is lingering in poverty because of the suppression of the girl child

(7B) Luke 10:39
Martha and Mary were so close to Christ that they questioned him.
How come Mary and Martha were never married? They did not have any “masters” yet they were close to Christ
When their brother Lazarus died, they questioned Christ

(8) Mark 6:44
Did Christ really have an all male squad of disciples? Or was that narrative suggested by a male dominated era where women were not counted?
If this was the case, How come he showed himself to Mary first ?
When christ fed the 5,000, the people who ate were 5,000 not counting the women and children.
So from this narrative can we say Christ had female disciples who were not counted?
The society of that time did not recognize the presence of women.
The disciples Christ had were 12 men not counting the women.

In Genesis we were led astray by a woman and in the New Testament we were brought back to God by Christ’s revelation to a woman

Women are quicker to recognize than men.
Pull your woman close so that she doesn’t become someone else’s mistress.

(9) 1 Corinthians 14:34
1 Timothy 2:11-12
Acts 18:24
Paul suggested that a woman remains quiet in churches.
We also see the story of Priscilla and Aquila teaching a man, Apollos, more accurately about God.

(10) The true teachings of Christ is that he never put a man ahead of a woman.

The Free Nation follows the Red Bible.
The word of Christ is the Red Bible
The actions of Christ are in the black bible.

As Christians it is the Red Bible first.
Then the Red and Black Bible.
Then New covenant Black Bible
Then New Testament Black Bible

The first miracle of Christ was initiated by woman.

A true man appreciates a true woman. Yes, a woman may be physically weaker and accept a man’s leadership in love.
She stands behind him while she guides him. She has a deeper understanding. The man listens to her. A good man listens to his woman.
A man takes the position of leadership, and the woman is his council.

Women, take cues from Eve, Rebecca, Delilah, Mary. Even though the scriptures have painted some of them in a bad light. They got control of the situation and gave sound advice to men without shouting.

Remain Blessed


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  1. Emeka says:

    Nawaoh, Daddy Freeze, who are you trying to please – women or God? What a shallow analogy from you at this moment that many people are now listening to you. Women were among the followers of Christ no doubt – but Christ knew why he never let them get ahead of men. He created all of us and it was stated categorically in the Bible except you are saying the bible is not true. Paul said almost 85% of the principles the new Christain life leads today, so if you feel he is wrong here, why don’t you as well discard all the other things he also said. Brother think and aspire to please God not man or woman!! Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, God created the world and everything thereof, who are you to challenge his words. He made a man first and a woman for a man, the Apostles confirmed and not just that it was written in Genesis.You are now the one that needs re-schooling man!

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