Stop listening to sons of Skybala!

If a pastor can stand on the pulpit and tell you, your

money is your life, you better know that he is not worshipping the same God.

The same pastor will tell You that Allah is not God.

As followers of Christ, We in The Free Nation know that Allah is another name for God.

The god of money and the god of Mammon are the same and they are NOT our God in The Free Nation

The God of Abraham is who we worship.

Abraham, the father of 3 religions.

A poor man on his “Okada” watching a rich pastor drive by in his big car will shout “there is no recession in the kingdom!”
Which kingdom?

This “Okada”driver is not a part of that kingdom

Another brainless member will
Come and give senseless testimony:

“Praise The Lord, armed robbers came to attack me, but when they saw the arm band I was wearing from my pastor, they left me.”

So I ask, why does your pastor go around with armed police for
protection. Why is he not simply wearing his arm bands?

You obviously don’t know that the kingdom they are in and the one you are in are two different kingdoms

A big pastor said “take a selfie, show it to the people who thought you couldn’t make it!”
Really! Is this what Jesus taught us?

Did Jesus teach us to show off to our neighbor that we are better than them?

Paul said, I am emulating Christ, so emulate me.

Paul considered all things as shit, dung, to gain Christ.

John 15:18
The world hated Jesus

GOs only come out to speak when they feel that their money is threatened

They do not come out to speak about real issues!

How many of them came to talk about the herdsmen killing Christians?

But the day Daddyfreeze talked about tithing being a scam! A Fraud! They all Showed up as ordered by Mammon.

How many of them stood with the woman who was beheaded while evangelizing? NONE!

But you will hear them shout
“I stand with Funke”
The one who goes about collecting seeds as if she has many birds to feed.

Know the word, read the word, learn the word for yourselves so you will not be deceived.

Remain Blessed

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