Stop bending the gospel to suit your ideology


You ignore God’s law in order to hold onto your

own traditions

Mark 7:5 We have substituted the word of God for our own traditions

Muslim countries do not even use the Christian calendar

They did not deviate from the original teaching. They did not allow the world to polute them

So much pollution in the Christian worship
Christmas Day
It is all Commercialized

Colossians 2:8
Beware of the traditions of men

Matthew 15:9
They worship God in vain
His name, his worship, his essence has been changed
They have begun to worship him in vain

Colossians 2:16

Hebrews 1:1-3
Shadow of things to come

We have the original so why are we holding on to the shadow

They know tithing has no place in Christianity but they need to keep promoting this lie because they are greedy

Melchizedek is a representation of Christ . But Christ was the sacrificial lamb

Our contract is with Christ

No pastor is qualified to receive tithes under the Melchizedek order

Hebrews 10:1
Melchizedek is refereed to as resembling the son of God, but NOT The Christ

The priests who collect tithes are men who die! So Melchizedek is greater than them all because we are told that he lives on

Melchizedek has no beginning and he has no end. He was a spiritual manifestation of a king

Your tithe collecting pastors are earthly manifestations of themselves

Which Pentecostal pastor has no beginning and no end?

Genesis 14:18
Melchizedek and Adam are the only two not born of woman.
Adam was created from dust.

Christ is also a priest with no beginning and no end.

Everyone except Adam, Melchizedek and Christ were not born of copulation between a man and woman

Melchizedek priesthood is that type that cannot be destroyed. But he was not Christ

No Nigerian pastor is from the tribe of Levi

There is no priesthood in Nigeria under the order of Melchizedek

To collect tithes under the order of Melchizedek must mean that your life can never be destroyed

No human qualifies for this.

Christ is our high priest. He never collected tithes and we are following Chris

Remain Blessed

One thought on “Stop bending the gospel to suit your ideology

  1. Hugh says:

    Please do a service on fake miracles in overseas branches of Nigerian churches. Pentecostal churches are destroying Nigeria’s reputation abroad. What goes on in Nigeria cannot go on in the UK. TB Joshua went to the UK and told people that they were cured of hiv/aids by his anointing water. Several persons died and BBC carried the story. A nine year old child died of suffocation during a Winners Chapel deliverance ceremony in Cameroon. President Baya closed the church and chased them out of the country. Omotoso went to South Africa and repeated all he was already doing in Nigeria. He is now behind bars and a very emotional trial is going on. At what point is all this fake miracle business going to be addressed? Whatever happened to the legislation that outlawed miracles being advertised unless medically proven. Miracles MUST be proven by a non-fake qualified medical doctor and peer reviewed by an independent authority. People are dying at the hands of irresponsible and dishonest pentecostal preachers all over the less developed countries. They have set up back 50 years in the fight against hiv/aids and other diseases. This anointing water business must end. It is a SCAM.

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