So I had an interview with SAT Guru Maharaj JI. Get off your hypocritical high horses.


You worship a man who holds a rod in your church

and tells you to look at it and not look away! Yet, you are calling SAT Guru Maharaj an occultist.

What exactly do you call that what you practice in your church?

There is no greater occult than what is going on in Pentecostal churches today

You go to church and they are giving you Comb and telling you to comb your hair a particular! Yet you call someone else occultist

You go to church and they are waving hand for you to fall down, yet you call someone else occultist

You go to church and they are telling you to hug a chair and you are calling someone else occultist

Yes, The Free Nation is in a position to call people occultist because we do not condone any such practices. We don’t worship chairs, we don’t pray over rods or combs.

Pagan Christians are so neck deep in their hypocrisy! They are quick to point fingers at others and call them occultist!
What an oxymoron

God gave the people Deuteronomy 12:1 because there was no advocate at that time.

In the New Testament,
How many shrines did Jesus burn down?
How may occultist did he being to judgement?
How many witches and wizards do he order to be put to death

The only temple Jesus tore down was the religious temple with the teachers of religious law. Jesus had come to realize that the temple had become the greatest shrine.

The same is the case today! The church where most people go to worship has become the greatest shrine! A shrine for enslaving and impressing people! A shrine where people are deceived into giving their tithes and offerings

As Christians Jesus left us with the Holy Spirit, to nourish and and guide us.

Many so called Christians are looking to the spirit of their GO and not to the spirit of God

No matter who comes to you, you should be strong in your convictions

Listen to the conviction of what others are saying, in this case SAT Guru Maharaj

But what they are saying is not affecting your conviction. This is because the advocate, the Holy Spirit is very powerful within you.

You don’t need to go around breaking other people’s temples down, unless you are worried about the genuineness of your own temple

If SAT Guru Maharaj’a followers call him the living perfect master, and some refer to him as god, does The Free Nation share in this belief? Absolutely Not!

But, The Free Nation respects other beliefs. We can’t tell others our truth if we disregard their own truth.

Hypocrites go to a church where the GO tells them if you don’t pay your tithes you will not make it to heaven. So, has he not simply substituted himself for God? As you are following his belief, a heaven that he has never been to, has he not become your god?

Some of you even pray to the god of that pastor or that GO. We need to cleanse ourselves as the body of Christ!

Now let’s get technical!
SAT Guru Maharaj appearance is more like Jesus

The Christian GO’s are not. They have slave mentality and doctrine. Insisting that men should be clean shaven and not have Taliban beard. This is nothing but colonial mentality. The colonial masters left their foot prints.

They took the books of the Bible and made English the official Language for the Bible

Jesus was not white! What they taught you about Jesus was not the complete truth.

Religion is the greatest manipulation tool on earth

Some religions permit people to die here on earth to gain a heaven that they themselves only preach of but have never seen.

Religion has created more hatred among brethren than any other thing on earth

The Bible tells us that when Jesus was born, a Magi from the East came to visit him.

Magi means magician. But they have changed the word to mean wise men.

Read Matthew 2

Magi was the original name used not wise men.

There was a time when there was a thin line between sorcery, magic, medicine and science

SAT Guru Maharaj brought words of peace to The Free Nation leader

The Guru accepts gifts but does not collect money for the miracles he performs

The Free Nation does not collect tithes or offering. We accept gifts and let everyone know there is no blessing tied to the gifts.

Jesus did not believe in rumors and he still spent time with Zacchaeus.

The Free Nation fears no one. We are here to speak the truth.

The wisdom of Jesus crossed all sorts of barriers, and we will do the same.

Remain Blessed

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