Seed and harvest is not about putting money into the hands of a pastor

Sowing seeds of money can never be the

Protocol of heaven.

Satan is the god of this earth and there are many who serve him

But we belong to the God of Heaven’s army

At different stages in the development of Israel
They had many gods

The God of Abraham gave him the promise. Let us be specific about the God we are calling.

A well known pastor talks about the protocol of the kingdom of God as being one of seed sowing

He quotes Nehemiah 6:16 which has no connection to what he is saying.

“When all our enemies heard about this, all the surrounding nations were afraid and lost their self-confidence, because they realized that this work had been done with the help of our God.”
Nehemiah 6:16 NIV

He talks about seed time and harvest

This pastor then challenges people to sow a seed for every week of this year

It is time for us to make these pastors accountable for the scriptures they use.

This scripture he quotes cannot be tied into monetary seed sowing

What is he basing his doctrinal message on?

The Scriptures call Satan the bearer of light, But Christ is the light.
Satan masquerades himself the angel of light

John 8:18

What separates Satan from Christ is NOT the light but the scriptures

The truth and spirit of God is what will help you see the difference.

Satans uses words like “your tithes are working for you”
Humans like money and Satan uses it to lure people in.

Satan can’t show you true love but he speaks your love language

Christians have been trained to speak the love language of materialism

Acts 7:45
Even though Stephen was filled with the Holy Spirit, he was allowed to die.

A poor man can still make heaven. Lazarus was poor with sores yet he made heaven

Pastors keep lying to you and tempting you with materialism

It is time to stop speaking satan’s love language

Luke 4:5
During Christ’s temptation, Satan used the wealth and kingdoms of the world to tempt Christ.

Christ came to this world to conquer the sin that stands between us and our salvation

Job 1: 6

Zachariah 3:3

Matthew 13:22
The deceit of riches is what destroys people

Genesis 8:22
The scriptures are talking about the seed “ the word of God” It is Not talking about money

Sowing money can never he the protocol of God’s kingdom

Remain Blessed

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