RAMSES II – The Real Truth

This has been plaguing my mind and spirit for a while…

Christ clearly declared in.

◄ John 4:24 ►
New Living Translation
For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.

With this at the back of my mind, I refuse to preach a message that is either false or has had the truth distorted. I know and have known for a fact that the Israelites Exodus from Egypt story as the Bible describes, either never happened or has been manipulated.

Unlike our history or even biblical history, the Egyptian history is very well preserved; so well preserved that the mummified body of the alleged Pharaoh of Exodus, Ramses ii, is available in Egypt, for your viewing pleasure today if you so desire.

1: Ramses II was a pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty, the second dynasty of ancient Egypt’s New Kingdom. He was born around 1302 BC, and succeeded his father, Seti I, in his late teens or early 20s. Ramesses II reigned for a total of 66 years, making him one of the longest reigning pharaohs in the history of ancient Egypt. He outlived many of the children he fathered.

2: He is the pharaoh of the movie 10 commandments.

3: Ramesses II was issued a passport, (Mock up pic above👆👆), by the Egyptian government, and was the first (and probably the last) mummy to receive one. Apart from having a photo of Ramesses II’s face, the passport is also notable for listing the occupation of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh as ‘King (deceased)’. The mummy of Ramesses II left Egypt in 1976, and when it arrived in France, it was received at the Paris–Le Bourget Airport with the full military honors befitting a king.

4. As with all other Pharaohs, there is No documentary or archeological evidence that he chased any slaves fleeing Egypt.

5. Ramses II did not die in the Red sea he died at Circa 90 years, after outliving his wives and many of his children.

Watch my live reaching on “Ramses, Moses and the Reverse Exodus” here: youTube.com/daddyfreezeteaches


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