Questions and Answers – Part one

⚫️Questions 🔴 Answers

⚫️ Why do you attack pastors?

🔴 I don’t attack pastors, I attack false doctrines. 


⚫️ Who is a Gentile?

🔴 Anyone who is not a Jew is a Gentile. 


⚫️What is your take on occultism in Nigeria?

🔴 It is disgraceful, it is an economic and financial problem because it destroys our youth that are supposed to be our financial backbones. It is a moral problem. It shows that there is no love. We have churches on every street yet we have this much killings going on.


⚫️ Is Islam taking over Nigeria?

🔴 No. I’m not sure the Muslims have such an agenda 


⚫️ Will there be Baptism in the free nation?

🔴 We are working on it and discussions are on going. We haven’t been able to finalize in such a way that it will be Free Nation Standard. No one is taking money off any body.


⚫️ Are you a born again Christian?

🔴 What does it take to be a born again Christian? To accept Christ as your Lord and savior. The real meaning of a born again Christian is someone who has been re born and is no longer under the law. When you become born again you have to eat the communion of Christ which involves alcohol. Being born again is being under the grace of Christ and not the law of Moses. Many so called born again are living under their pastors laws! This is paganism.


⚫️ I made a vow to my church, but I can’t redeem this vow. Is that a sin?

🔴 The only sin is making the vow in the first place


⚫️ What is your take on the picture of Jesus Christ?

🔴 We have gone past that. That’s not Yahushua’s picture.


⚫️ Is going to church compulsory?

🔴 No it is not. Do not forsake the gathering of the brethren. The brethren can gather any where 

2 Peter 2:5, Acts 7:48

The temple is not a physical building. Wherever we gather is the church. 


⚫️ Are we going to have a meeting sometime?

🔴 Yes


⚫️ Is abortion a good thing?

🔴 It depends on the circumstance. This is not a yes or no answer. A woman should be able to choose if the pregnancy will affect the mother or baby. 


⚫️ What do you say about child dedication?

🔴 You are the priest of your own home. Gather your family and dedicate your child 

1 Peter 2:5


⚫️ What do you say about the trinity?

🔴 The only revelation I have received is that it is a false doctrine. I have not received the full scriptural revelation so I can’t teach it.


⚫️ Is it scriptural for a pastor to hand over a church to his son instead of the most senior pastor?

🔴 It is not scriptural. 


⚫️ My mother was a Christian before she died, but she had tattoos all over her body. Does that make her a sinner?

🔴 Absolutely not. Tattoos are not sinful 


⚫️ Is it necessary to walk down the isle when you get married?

🔴 No it is not. It is also okay to get parental consent but it is not necessary. You are the priest of your own home. 


⚫️ The pastor or the father, who is the first person to seek consent on a marriage union?

🔴 The pastor has no jurisdiction. Your marriage is between you, your fiancé and God and perhaps your parents 


⚫️ In England many black pregnant women were told their baby will have Down’s syndrome but their babies were born normal. Is the pressure they put on them to abort bad? 

🔴 Yes the government has been known to be silly, but the government also knows that if you are not going to work, it ultimately becomes the government’s problem 


⚫️ Is it okay to have a child with a woman without being married to her? 

🔴 If you are taking care of the woman and taking care of her bills, it is classified as having a concubine. It is not wrong to have a concubine. Many men in the Bible did. But It is not advisable to have a concubine 


⚫️ If you get someone pregnant do you have to marry her?

🔴 No. This is the mentality that has gotten us into trouble. 


⚫️ Is it okay to have a side chick if you are married?

🔴 No. The free nation practices equality.  If you want a side chick, so can your wife. 


⚫️ What is the difference between a carnal and. Spiritual Christian?

🔴 A carnal Christian is everyone else. Spirit Filled Christians are the members of the free nation 


⚫️ What is your take on do not be equally yolked?

🔴 I’m not equally yolked with them. Figure it out.

Remain Blessed 


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