Putting tithing to rest. Responding to Nairaland

The tithing doctrine is the greatest deception

Christianity has ever known!

▶️ Nairaland Writer

®️ Daddyfreeze

®️ The Free Nation does not worship at the temple of Assumption! If it is not in the Bible, you Must acquit!

▶️ Genesis 4:3
Cain and Abel gave offerings to God

®️Jealousy, strife and murder. This scripture has been rejected by the New Testament.
And as a matter of fact it wasn’t even 10%

▶️Genesis 14:18-20
We are to tithe in the order of Melchizedek

®️Melchizedek was likened to Christ and has no beginning and no end. Name one pastor who has no beginning and no end.

®️ Genesis 14:18-24
Abraham had not yet become Abraham, he was still Abram.

®️Also let’s get technical. There is only one record of Abraham giving tithes. How then does this equate to monthly and weekly tithes?

®️ Abraham gave Melchizedek 10% from his spoils and returned everything else. So if you want to pay tithes according to Melchizedek you have to return the reimagining 90% after paying the 10%

®️ It’s the equivalent of you standing in front of your boss and saying “just so that you will not say that you made me rich, I will return your money.

▶️ we were to do things that Abraham did

®️ So are you aware that Abraham had concubines?

®️ Genesis 26:6
Abraham gave gifts to the sons of his concubines

®️ Hebrews 7:1
Abraham returned from the slaughter. So are we to imitate this?

®️ Abraham paid tithes from his spoils from war. Are you in a war? And what spoils did you get?

▶️ Abraham’s Grandson Jacob also gave tithes before the law of Moses.
Genesis 28:20-22
Romans 3:20

®️ Let’s remember Jacob is the father of the Israelites who Moses came from. There is no mention of priesthood. So even if he paid a tithe, he must have given it as a burnt offering.
Genesis 28:20-22

®️ Romans 3:20
The Bible says that Christ took our punishment so what is your point here?
Law makes us sinful but Christ took our punishment

▶️ There  was no money before Job

®️ Genesis 23:10
Abraham paid 400 pieces of silver to Ephron

®️Can you show one place in the Bible where fishermen paid tithes?
Show one place in the Bible where non Jews paid tithes!

Deuteronomy 14:22-22
This is how you are to eat your tithes accounting to the law!

Matthew 23:23
®️ Scribes and Pharisees were the teachers of the law
Jesus said they should pay their tithes. So who were they paying their tithes to?
They were paying their tithes to the Levites!
We no longer have a levitical priesthood. Even Christ was not a Levite

▶️ Give tithes to the church not to the poor, orphans & widows!

®️ We are told to take care of the poor and needy among us. Haven’t you read what Christ says about the poor, hungry and those in prison?

®️ God does not live in houses built by human hands. We are the church. People are the church not building

®️Read Matthew 25:31 this is how you give to God

In conclusion, Did “tithe” die on the cross to save you? Why are you holding tithe over the heads of your congregation? Haven’t you heard that Yahushua is love?

The Free Nation does not support Tithing. Christians do not tithe.

Remain Blessed

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