Shame On You “Daily Times Nigeria” For This Puerile Journalism

This is junk journalism at its best and a pathetic attempt by @dailytimesnigeria to use my name and image to make headlines.

I don’t have a problem with Christianity or ‘Christ’ as I remain a Christian preacher and teacher, I just have a problem with the word ‘Jesus’ that is only about 400 years old and is a white washed Europeanized version of the true savior Ye’shua.

My Instagram bio even clearly states Free Nation in Christ, how did you miss out the Christ part???

I preach about the real savior who is the ‘Christ’ and his Hebrew name is Yahushua/Ye’shua so where did I reject Christianity?

Shame on you Daily Times for this puerile journalism, bordering on obscurantism. I expected so much more professionalism that this cowpat.

Henceforth, I won’t take anything written in your infantile, clout chasing newspaper seriously and I advice the general public to desist from believing anything published about me in the ‘Daily Times’, as this write up by them is a false, misleading, representation of my Christian faith and unethical second rate journalism that I refuse to be associated with.



Why Are We Not Asking What The Vietnamese, Faroe Islands Are Doing Right?


Why are we not asking what the Vietnamese are doing right, or what Faroe Islands in Europe did right?

Vietnam has almost double the confirmed cases Madagascar has and more than double the recovered cases, without a single death.

The Faroe Islands has more than the total confirmed cases of Madagascar, with a 100% recovery rate. 💯
Meaning in Faroe Island every single person that had Covid19 recovered!

Sometimes pan Africanism makes us sentimental, emotional, and blind to existing facts.

We are ignoring logic as well as throwing science into the bin when we put our emotions in the place of rational thinking.

I am not saying that the Madagascar remedy should be ignored, rather, we should put it to proper scrutiny and must insist on peer testing in a controlled environment. 105 people out of 186 are way too small a number to proclaim a cure, especially within such a short timeframe.

Touting an unproven remedy as a cure could be leading a population into suicide.

To add to that, if you don’t have a history of proffering solutions and then suddenly show up with the cure for a virus, it’s only natural you’ll be met with some skepticism. Your ‘cure’ will be totally assessed. We can’t just start drinking some concoction because someone said it’s a “cure”?

When Trump was going on about hydroxyl chloroquine he was widely condemned because not enough tests had been conducted. So how is this any different? In particular, when it’s some concoction no one has heard of?

Pan Africanism, just like religion, is a sentiment. It is affecting the way we think, leading many lazy minds into cognitive bias!