Own up


You need to know the name you are praying to.

The name Jesus and Yahushua are not the same

His name is Yahushua the son of the one true God of heavens armies.

It is time to drop the name Jesus.
Call him by his name and open doors. His name is Yahushua.

The greatest hypocrisy is when a known prostitute climbs the pulpit to announce that God is blessing them (him/her).

The Free Nation Prays:
“Heavenly Father, anyone climbing pulpits to give false testimonies with your name. People who are committing all sorts of ultrusities and hypocritically saying that you blessed them, Father expose them in 2019 in Yahushua’s mighty name.”

People stealing money and announcing that they are blessed by God, will be exposed this year.

Closest homosexuals, call girls, those making money off their immorality and saying that God Blessed them, will be exposed this year.

Yahushua hates hypocrisy. The entire book of Matthew 23 is dedicated to hypocrisy.

Father expose them! Let us know the source of their wealth.

Let us know the corrupt government officials giving them money!

Enough is Enough! We are tired of the lies!

We are tired of People climbing the pulpit to say their tithe is working whereas they are prostituting themselves

We are tired of people saying God is blessing them whereas it is the cult they belong to that is blessing them

We are tired of the lies! We are tired of the hypocrites.

Tithing is falsehood

First fruits is falsehood

Part of salvation is to save you from lies!

We cannot unite a bunch of pagans and say that’s the body of Christ just because we want unity!

It is better not to believe in God than to support the devil against God.

The Free Nation does not preach an atheist message, but the Scriptures are clear about the worship of falsehood.

2 Corinthians 4:4
Satan the god of this world has blinded the minds of many. We have a body of believers who don’t believe!

No Grace
No Intellect
No Message
All we see in most churches is the celebration of ignorance.

One GO said that sexual perverts will be punished by God

How can current churches preach against homosexuals when they are the same as homosexuals

How can a GO tell a prostitute or a homosexual that they are doing wrong when the GO is doing the same thing?

Revelation 22:12 – 15
It clearly says anyone who practices falsehood is out of the city of God

“Outside the city are the dogs—the sorcerers, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idol worshipers, and all who love to live a lie.”
Revelation 22:15 – NLT

These verses support our message
If you are living a lie don’t expect to get the benefits of the kingdom of heaven.

Remain Blessed

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