Obeying Your Pastor While You Disobey Christ is Idolatry

Until you are ready to be Christlike, stop calling

yourselves Christians

If at this stage people are still praying “Die by fire and thunder” prayers, then this is a failure on us as The Free Nation in Christ.

If people are still praying for other people to die or some imaginary enemy to die we have a lot of work to do

The words of Christ are clear! “Pray for your enemies.”
“Lend them money.”
Without expecting it in return

These are the words of the person we follow as we claim to be Christians.

As long as you feel or think you can go to the book of Exodus and preach
“suffer not a witch to live”
And put it ahead of the words of Christ, I believe you are not a Christian.

Whatever it is you are worshipping find a name for it but stop calling it Christianity

The best way to reduce your enemies is by making them friends.

Yes, there are some people no matter how much you try to help them, they will still be your enemies.

But as long as you are doing what Christ said, the scriptures say there is a blessing there.

Don’t trust any word that comes out of my mouth that I cannot explain with the word of God.

Daddyfreeze work is as a teacher of the scriptures.

We are in a very serious period that needs to be handled severely

When a Pastor goes against the scriptures the sword of God cuts him.

And when you don’t give that pastor a fair trial, the sword of God cuts you

When I insult you for insulting me, the sword of God cuts me.

Remember, the word of God is a double edged sword

You need to know that no spiritual or physical enemy is going to die for you.

Christ’s business is not to kill. It is to spread love.

How easy is it to spread love by killing people?

One thing to know about The Free Nation, no demon can come near us.

First of all, there is Christ in us. So what the spirit of the devil does is that it tempts us to come out of our state in Christ so others can attack us.

This is a fictional story:
• A devil saw a horse tied to a stick.
• All the devil did was release the horse.
• The horse went to someone’s farm and ate their fresh crops.
• The owner of the farm shot the horse.
• The owner of the horse got angry and shot the man who shot his horse.
• The wife of the farm owner found out, got angry and shot the horse owner.
• The children of the horse owner, found out and killed the wife of the farm owner
• At the end of the day, they traced the root of the problem
• They found out what the devil had done and questioned him
• The devil said he saw a poor horse tied down and so he released the horse.
• The Venom and anger in all the parties is what led to the deaths
• If one person had decide to be Christlike the turn of events would have been different

Moral of the story is that as long as you keep acting like demons, you will continue feeding and fueling the agenda of the devil.

The devil is a trickster. He masquerades himself as an angel of light.

The devil is not the horrible monster that you are painting him to be.

You are the devil’s tool each time you disobey Christ

To be a shepherd, you need to understand what it means to feed the sheep

You have to understand the nourishment of sheep in order to be a shepherd.

If you don’t understand that, you will continue feeding them rubbish. See how our churches pray senseless prayers.

Wouldn’t it be better to just show love?

Here is the difficulty of being a Christian. Logically if Biodun is found guilty, he should go to prison and logically Busola should forgive him.

Until we are ready to do the difficult work of Christ, let us stop calling ourselves Christians

Luke 6:35 – 36
“Love your enemies! Do good to them. Lend to them without expecting to be repaid. Then your reward from heaven will be very great, and you will truly be acting as children of the Most High, for he is kind to those who are unthankful and wicked. You must be compassionate, just as your Father is compassionate.”
Luke 6:35-36 – NLT

Christ extends compassion to everyone! But they will not teach you that one.

Nigerian Christians today need to be corrected harshly

Luke 6:32 -34
“If you love only those who love you, why should you get credit for that? Even sinners love those who love them!
Luke 6:32 -NLT

Christ said love your enemies. Even lend them money.

Red bible first, then New Testament Black bible before the Old Testament

The words of the disciples are more powerful than the words of Moses but the words of the disciples are NOT more powerful than the words of Christ

Christ is the face and the voice of God in the New Testament

In the new covenant the words of Christ are more powerful that the words of God in the Old Testament

This is because God sent a new covenant…Christ

The word of God is the same, but there is a new sacrifice.

The sacrifice is God’s signature on the contract he has with man.

The words of that contract are found in Christ.

All you need to do is obey Christ and you will have the blessings, protection and love of Christ.

You don’t need to kill witches and all the buffoonery they teach you in those churches

You don’t have to do anything. You just have to show your identity as a Christian.

Matthew 7:21
James 1:22

Anyone who goes to a church where they are praying for enemies to die, is better off going to a shrine and doing a spell for that enemy to die

Luke 6:46-49
“So why do you keep calling me ‘Lord, Lord!’ when you don’t do what I say?
Luke 6:46 – NLT

Because you have chosen to listen to your pastor instead of Christ, the words of Christ are sounding like blasphemy to you.

As long as you continue listening to false unlettered teachers, You have chosen to build your house without a foundation.

Beware, what you are practicing is NOT Christianity, it is Idolatry on another level.

Remain Blessed

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