Nathaniel Bassey – Praying for husbands to return is wrong

Read the scriptures for yourself and end your


Don’t confuse Hallelujah challenge with the scriptures.

Don’t confuse entertainment without scriptural knowledge for wisdom.

What does this mean “The husband that left home for years is coming back in Jesus name”

Luke 10:38

John 11:1

John 11:39

When you read all the above scripture verses that reference Mary and Martha, women who walked and worked very closely with Christ, ask yourselves these questions:

Did Christ give Mary and Martha a husband?

Did he tell them they are incomplete without a husband?

The answer is NO!

It was never a priority for Christ,

If you want a husband, go look for him yourself and stop getting Christ involved.

The Christianity of Mammon, material things and things that humans love have clouded our judgement, our mind and our spirituality.

John 4: 13
Read about the woman at the well. Christ did not call her a sinner because she was not with her husband.

At no point did Christ say she should go back to her first husband.

In verse 31
Christ instead spoke of her as a harvester. Even though she was not with her husband.

People keep talking about “The strange woman” where did they get this from?
Proverbs 7
The strange woman Solomon was talking about was a prostitute.

Remember this was written at a time when polygamy was accepted. Solomon had a thousand wives.

It was written about men following prostitutes.

Rather than praying and fasting for the run away husband to come back, how about taking action and doing what is required to get him back!
Dress attractively
Use perfume
Beautify your home

The words of proverbs are the words of wisdom & need to be interpreted as such.

Praying without wisdom is confusion

When two people want a marriage to work, that’s the first step in the right direction.

The Lord of heavens’s army is about action. He has given us wisdom to think things through

Revelation 14:1
The virgins were the ones selected not the married women.
Marriage is not a priority.

Be wise, read with understanding

Remain Blessed

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