My take on Adeboye and Rapu’s contribution regarding Busola vs Biodun

Scriptural vs Motivational View

Regarding Busola vs Biodun

The Free Nation will acknowledge right and wrong. We follow the scriptures

There is a difference between a Preacher and a Motivational speaker

GO Adeboye spoke and addressed this issue scripturally.

Pastor Rapu preached the law of Nigeria in Jesus name.

An apology is not enough for the law, but don’t bring the name of Christ into something that has to do with human laws!

Christ is Divine.

There are Many issues that we can handle according to our profession, but not according to the body of Christ.

Daddyfreeze is a radio presenter and he cannot be a radio presenter in Jesus name

From a Christian point of view, we will analyze the response from GO Adeboye and also Tony Tapu

There are some things in the scriptures that Christ did not address, and we can use login for them.

But the moment Christ says something and you say the opposite in his name, you are an Antichrist.

You cannot be a follower of Christ and play to the gallery.

The scriptures (commonly called bible) is a double edged sword. It cuts both ways.

The scriptures say there is no more Jew and no more Gentile. Any contrary preaching is false.

People who preach in this way, learned from motivational speakers.

We understand the abuse of women rights and the grievance of a woman who has been molested

As a mechanic, your job is to repair motors not refrigerators.

The same applies to preachers! They need to specify when they are speaking according to the scriptures or according to a human who feels the plight of women

Don’t say the opposite from whom you are trying to follow

Let us go through GO Adeboye speech:

(1) The CAN has a President and what ever they say, is what I’ve said. This is scriptural.
1 Corinthians 6.

(2) If you want to criticize what I’ve said, you have to criticize the Bible

(3) There is nothing hidden that will not come to light (Mark 4:22) No matter how long you have done something wrong, it will come to the open.

God is not about old fashioned or morden. This is the only area Daddyfreeze disagrees with GO Adeboye.

There is a season for man, but God does not operate according to seasons. We are prisoners of time, but God’s time is constant. We are born young and we die old.

We are born with fresh skin then we start to age.

God is constant and he is multidimensional. We cannot rationalize God into our own dimension. This is the one point I disagree with GO Adeboye

(4) Sooner or later your sin will find you out. (Numbers 32: 23)
If you have given your life to Christ and you continue in sin, under the guise of grace, as the Lord lives your sin will find you our.

Grace is not a covering for sin. Grace is not an umbrella where you hide your sin.

That fact that you are under grace as a pastor, you have no business in politics.

When a typical African man hears sin, immediately formication comes to mind.

Hear this today, worshipping under the temple of Mammon is a greater sin. Now you are not fornicating with man, you are fornicating with God.

Ezekiel 23:16 speaks of the harlotry that is being practiced by many today.

(5) You must abstain from every attempt of evil. (1 Thessalonians 5:22).

Funny Yoruba proverbs were being used. “They want to burn you, you now rub yourself in oil and sit by the fire.”

“The elders say, what you are not going to eat, don’t smell.”

Christ speaks for the wise. To understand what Christ said, you need the spirit.

(6) When you find yourself facing temptation – Flee (2 Timothy2:22). When you find your self faced with lust, don’t wait to fight, flee.

when you see a sister smiling at you in a suggestive way – run! Don’t say I’m an anointed man of God.

(6) I will never have a woman as a private secretary. A private secretary must be a man.

When a woman accuses you of something. Nobody will listen to you. (Genesis 39:6-20).

Very clear case in the scriptures. Joseph fled, he was innocent, but the woman who accused him had evidence, even though it was false evidence.

While it may seem anti-feminist, it is scriptural.

Although Mary Magdalene was one of the closest people to Christ, and the first person he appeared to at resurrection.

No one on earth is Christ, we as men trying to be like Christ.

Sometimes it is safer to protect yourself instead of curing your self.
GO Adeboye is right on this account.

Overall a very good speech from an elder, a Christian and a Leader.

Now on the other hand, another pastor sounded more like a motivational speaker.

You cannot pray a Moses prayer and end it in Jesus name.

You have to understand the old and the new covenant.

You have to understand the difference between motivation and preaching the word of God.

It is time to know the difference between the church and the unchurched. Many people are unchurched

Matthew 5:38
You have heard the saying that the punishment must match the injury.

In this instance there was an injury. The law of Moses taught this! Human rights believes this.

But here is what Christ has to say Matthew 5:39 – 42.

How can you preach a message opposite to the message of Christ and then end it in his name.

A worker is not without wage. The truth is what we continue to preach even though we are cursed. A marketer of Christ Daddyfreeze shall remain.

Luke 6:27
Christ clearly says “Those who are willing to listen”
The question is who are you willing to listen to? Christ or a motivational speaker?

If you listen to Christ he tells us to love our enemies.

Christ tells us to forgive. Human rights tell us to pursue!

When you take a stand, be clear about what you are standing for. Is it women’s right?

Don’t say you are taking a stand for Christ when you are doing the opposite of what he says.

It is one thing to listen, and another to follow.

But your pastors neither listen nor follow and so they are preaching another message.

1 Corinthians 6:1 -7

When you seek justice through the court system, don’t bring Christ into it.

Pastor Rapu is saying an apology is not enough and using the name of Christ.

Yet the scriptures tell us to accept the injustice.

As men there are some injustices we will not accept, but let it be known we come as men not as pastors.

It is time to show the scriptures to pastors who have turned to motivational speakers.

Matthew 6:14
Mark 11:25

Don’t gather people in the name of Christ and disobey him.

Let the lawyers do their jobs
Let the police do their jobs

There are some levels you will reach with God and you will understand that some matters are not in your jurisdiction

The jurisdiction of a pastor is to preach the word not to motivate

If you want to motivate, come out straight and say “I’m a motivational speaker.

Don’t bring people and say under the anointing of Christ and then you bring out the law.

Let them go to law school instead.

Luke 17:1-4
Christ wants us to forgive all the time. Yet a pastor is telling us that saying “sorry” is not enough

We need to ask, which gospel are you preaching?

Luke 18:8 -14
Any time your pastor preaches a message that seems in contrast to the teachings of Christ, ask him what gospel he is preaching.

The moment you call yourself a Christian better know that your head is Christ!

Remember Christ is superior to the Bible! Superior to the scriptures!

Remain Blessed

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