My opinion on the CAN visit to Fatoyinbo’s church

Free Nation encourages objectivity over


We do not encourage assumptions

The CAN leaders announce:
“We stand by the pastor, we stand by the church, and this church will continue to move forward”

The Free Nation has not seen anything CAN has done that is worthy of emulation, that is worthy of praise

We don’t rate CAN
We don’t trust CAN
We do not believe CAN

These three conclusions apply to all the parties involved in this case
• Busola (Remove)
• Biodun
• Timmy Dakolo
• Celebrities
• Journalists

The only person Daddyfreeze has never had any dealings with is Busola. So we can remove her from this list.

Timmy Dakolo – Confrontation with him based on the teachings of The Free Nation. Based on the scriptures, based on the teachings of Yahushua, based on the truth and the spirit. He made his disagreement with The Free Nation very public. His response to Daddyfreeze teachings was to state that he doesn’t read his bible like a text book.

So did Timmy come with a worthy Submission? Absolutely not.

He has not given us any reason to trust or mistrust him.
However, he has given us reason not to rate him.

Biodun Fatoyinbo – The leader of The Free Nation has had many clashes With him.

On tithing, on seeds, on the Mammon doctrine. So when it comes to doctrinal matters, Timmy and Biodun are on the same level. On the same platform as it relates to trust.

CAN – Over the last year, we have seen CAN’s response to many issues. On a 10 point scale, they are a 2. So 2/10.

Celebrities – Most disagreed with The Free Nation’s Doctrine and unfollowed Daddyfreeze.

Only a few, even though they disagreed, did not unfollow but instead heard Daddyfreeze out.

95% of Nigerian celebrity stood with Busola.

95% of celebrities did not come forward with a good submission about tithing.

They just went with the flow, and the flow was against tithing.

They went against The Free Nation because it was not fashionable.
Nigerian celebrities have a rating of 2/10 also.

How many Nigerian celebrities actually investigated the COZA issue?

Nigerian celebrities are influencers but are not using their platform

The journalists – No one has done any investigative journalism. They too have a 2/10

Busola is the only one that can be rated.
She has not publicly stood against our doctrine.
She is however being rated from a point of lack of information and not from a point of information.

So here is a summary of what we have:
• No investigative journalism
• Celebrities are not trust worthy
• CAN leaders are not trust worthy
• Timmy ?
• Biodun ?
So can we really say we have a case? Absolutely not.

The Free Nation stands with the truth. We do not stand with any party.

We are left with a lady we don’t know, who speaks her truth and we respect her truth.

But it cannot be our truth unless we put it through a proper and very rigorous test.

Daddyfreeze’s platform is open to both Biodun and Busola

As the truth begins to unfold,
Numbers don’t lie, people do, but we don’t know who is lying

We can’t be partial. And so, Daddyfreeze states:
I stand with Christ
I stand with God
I stand with the scriptures
I stand with the truth

Until without a reasonable doubt this case is investigated and concluded, I cannot stand with any human being.

Right now we only have one party’s narrative.
It would make a difference if we have the narrative of both parties

Look beneath the surface.

Remain Blessed

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