My Full Reply To Reno Omokri On Adam And Eve, Creation ~FRZ

My full reply to RENO OMOKRI On Adam and Eve, Creation~FRZ


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My brother Reno said that the Hebrew and Ethiopic theology only kept male genealogy and I totally disagree with this thesis, as first of all, it’s not accurate, because the scripture does mention that Adam had daughters. The only problem is; Adam had daughters AFTER his son Cain, NOT before Cain had his own children.

◄ Genesis 5:4 ►
After Seth was born, Adam lived 800 years and had other sons and daughters.]
So it is impossible to say Cain married one of his sisters as this is not scripturally accurate.

The biggest elephant in the room that my brother Reno didn’t acknowledge, is the fact that the book of Genesis was NEVER found complete. As a matter of fact, the scroll where Genesis was written had entire portions missing and these portions were filled up not by the Holy Spirit, rather, by what men thought would be the best possible fit, hence the scriptural discrepancy found in Genesis 1 where the scriptures say God created both male and female together.

◄ Genesis 1:27 ►
So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.]
And then in the next chapter, the man was now alone??? After a male and a female were created???
◄ Genesis 2:18 ►
Then the LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.”
The truth that we cannot ignore, is an entire portion of documented scripture is missing in between both chapters. Many Christian theologians have suggested that Genesis chapter 2 is a detailed explanation of Genesis 1, but I’m not buying this as I know the history of the book.

This discrepancy in the Genesis account has led to many fables inside and outside Christianity, a notable one being the story of Lilith, presumed to be Adam’s first wife, based on what is generally considered ‘uninspired Jewish folklore’. How do we debunk this? To be honest, we can’t! This is because of the missing portions of scripture, we also can’t accept it.

I personally believe that discussing the truth with faith in Christ brings revelation. I personally know like 10 people who became atheists because their pastors couldn’t answer this particular question. So sometimes, not discussing the truth or ignoring some truths may lead to losing souls.
Because remember (Πνεύματος καὶ πίστει ἀληθείας), sanctification comes by the spirit and by faith built on truth. People need the truth even if it sounds demonic;
(2 Thessalonians 2:13, John 4:24)
We cannot rule out the existence of Lilith by making a disquisition out of Genesis, which is quite fragmentary, especially as there is an existing scriptural reference to Lilith [וְעָלְתָ֤ה], in the Hebrew script (Isaiah 34:14); mistranslated by most modern bibles to mean the ‘night creature’

When next you travel to Israel, kindly get a scholar to translate this line for you:
‎לִּילִ֔ית וּמָצְאָ֥ה לָ֖הּ מָנֽוֹחַ׃

Speaking of traveling, you stated:
“I’m not an internet-based researcher. I have visited Ethiopia 7 times for research purposes. I went on research trips to Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Rome, The Vatican, and Greece.”

Although travel for research is invaluable, ruling out the inestimable advantage the birds-eye perspective that the internet and documentaries offer you, is perilous!
Opting to abandon them as a dependable tool for research certainty can leave us with a skeptical paradox, that leads to biases resulting from a fixation on certain specified facts, while clearly ignoring others.

Now, to MY knowledge not only are there missing parts of scripture, entire chapters; even entire books are known to have been removed and there is no known original copy of any of the books of the Bible, NONE!

I never averred that Lilith was Adams first wife, I only highlighted the paucity of scripture available to make a concrete argument for or against this thesis.

In the absence of this, what we are doing is transferring people from one religious box into another; in the process losing souls meant to be won.

You must understand that modern-day Christians ask questions and the submission you gave was simply not good enough in the light of the dilemma presented. The fact that only males were mentioned cant even be considered circumstantial evidence as Adam had no daughter before Seth!

‎פָגְשׁ֤וּ צִיִּים֙ אֶת־אִיִּ֔ים וְשָׂעִ֖יר עַל־רֵעֵ֣הוּ יִקְרָ֑א אַךְ־שָׁם֙ הִרְגִּ֣יעָה לִּילִ֔ית וּמָצְאָ֥ה לָ֖הּ מָנֽוֹחַ׃

Translation: Wildcats shall meet hyenas, Goat-demons shall greet each other; There too, the Lilith shall repose And find herself a resting place.

One thought on “My Full Reply To Reno Omokri On Adam And Eve, Creation ~FRZ

  1. Yinkebo says:

    DF, if you tow this line of presentation some day you will agree with those that wrote that Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ girlfriend and that Leonardo Da Vinci is a descendant of Christ. Then the verse “you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” will be applicable to the atheists.
    I think the story of creation in the book of Genesis was written by inspiration/vision by Moses and visions are not always systematically clear and straightforward but would contain the information that support the context, just like Nostradamus’ visions are not all interpretable til date, remember also the vision of transfiguration, it was not clear to the disciples what Jesus wanted them to see but He rather told them not to tell anybody what they say. The vision of Peter eating unclean meat was not clear until it became clear in reality what God wanted him to see when the visitors from Cornelius came…
    I think the ways of God cannot be put on the pages of books and begin to dissect it with carnal knowledge, but just believe His ways are perfect, Psalm 18:30, believe in His son, Jesus Christ (Yeshua Hamashiach), understand the meaning and essence of His death and ressurection to the salvation of our souls, as the first fruit showing us things to come, know that you can only go through the narrow way to God through Him, as the way, the truth and the life. Salvation of our souls through the sentimental knowledge of Him through the teachings of Christ.
    My brother any other knowledge is to bring confusion and controversy to the goodnews and the gospel His came to proclaim.


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