MFM and the Supposed ID Card to Hell

Where do they get their information from?

It is all a bunch of lies!

Christianity is not a religion! It is a way of life.

This means that you can be a Christian / believer, someone who believes in Christ
Someone who believes in the death and resurrection of Christ.

Christ speaks the word and you are to obey the word.

Religion keeps people in bondage.

Having a tattoo in no way stops someone from making heaven

When you dress, simply not be dressed in a way to lead others into sin.

But, You can’t blame others for your problems

Christianity does not have a culture or prayer time! This is nothing but religion

Religion manipulates! It is practiced in many churches

Luke 7:37 -50
An immoral woman, a sinner, as she was seen by the Pharisees

But note what Christ said about her. Christ forgave her sins with no conditions! He did not tell her to change her clothes! He did not tell her to remove her makeup! He simply forgave her sins!

Anyone that tells you Christianity has a dress code is a liar.

Christianity is a way through Christ to God

There is Absolutely nothing wrong with having earrings, nose piercing, tattoos, these things will not lead you to hell.

As long as you learn to love your neighbors

Man’s standard is not Gods standard.

Many of the most wicked people on earth are decently dressed.

We hear stories about pastors who rape their members. Nicely groomed pastors.

Colossians 2:20 – 23
Dressing modestly is not going to curb any evil desires. The only thing that can save you is the Holy Spirit

As long as you keep searching up and down for religion, you will never get the spirit

Stop building your doctrines in revelation! Build your doctrines in Christ.

Christ never taught anyone to pray “Back to sender” prayers! This type of prayer will take you faster to Hell than any dress code

Praying for your enemy to die will build a home for you in hell, much quicker than an earring, nose ring or a tattoo

Christ NEVER said don’t have a tattoo

There is no place where Christ said if you wear a short dress you will not make heaven

However, here is what Christ said:
Matthew 25:41 – 46
When you walk past the poor and give the tithes to church, you are not a Christian

Matthew 5:43
Christ said love your enemies and pray for them.

When you pray for your enemies to die!! You are not a Christian!

Gatherings! Meetings! And so forth are nothing but rituals and you are a ritualist

Luke 6:27

Luke 23:34

John 13:34

1 Thessalonians 5:15

1 Peter 3:11

Repay evil with blessings

If you gather every Sunday at a certain time and all you do is pray for your enemy to die, you are NOT a Christian
“Back to sender” prayers are not Christian prayers

You are in direct disobedience to Christ!

As a Christian you are supposed to be a Follower of Christ and not practice a religion called “Born Againism!”

Despite all the churches, suicide attempts and rates are high!

The religious institutions are obviously not working. There are so many of them!

They are not teaching you love, they are teaching you Religion!

Religion is not going to work on this earth or in the earth here after!

Religion is going to make you poor here and poor there

Religion is going to make this earth hell for you and in the here after hell for you, If religion does not promote love

Worshipping Christ does not mean he will make every day of your life happy for you.

He did not promise anyone that

If you think you are following Christ so that you will
Be happy, fruitful, have children, a nice car, live in a nice building, just know that’s not the essence of Christianity

So all of you issuing dress codes, you need to know that dress codes have nothing to do with making heaven.

You need to know the words of Christ!

Your neglect of the poor puts you at risk for hell! A dress code can’t save you

To find Christ, cast religion aside! Seek Christ in spirit and in truth!

God is looking for those who will worship him in spirit and in truth! Don’t be fooled to think it is your dress code that will get you to heaven

Matthew 7:21

Luke 6:46

James 1:22
Don’t just listen to the words of God! Obey what he says

James 1:27 is the religion of the free nation in Christ!
Take care of widows & orphans

John 6:60 – 69

John 14:15
Remember this:
You cannot love Christ and pray “Back to sender” prayers
You cannot love Christ and pray for your enemies to “Die by Fire”

Remain Blessed

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