The doctrine of Materialism is one of poverty, sin

and slavery!

What is Materialism – a form of philosophical monism which holds that matter is the fundamental substance in nature and that all things including mental state and consciousness are results of material interaction

When the love and honor for material things takes over your spirit, it leads to a mess

A tendency to consider material possession and physical possession as more important than Spiritual value

In this part of the world, because of the poverty that is growing, we consider material possession and physical comfort more important than spiritual value

🔵That is why a woman who does not have a husband by age 30 is in trouble

🔵That is why a man who does not have a male child is in trouble

🔵That is why a man who does not own a house by age 50 is in trouble

🔵That is why someone who does not own a car is in trouble

In developed countries the system works

When people work they expect to get paid.

A man who has labored must not go to bed hungry

Only in a country like Nigeria do people work and then PRAY that they get paid!

If you work and they pay you, you will not need to pray for it.

Nigeria has become a country where you have to pray for what is your own

A lot of us are suffering under useless doctrine.

People use money to do business with God, so God can pay them back

There is nothing wrong in having material wealth, but there is a lot wrong with Materialism

The Christian gospel today is Materialism

In the beginning Salvation was preached but soon they replaced it with idols

Today Mammon has been established as a god in churches

James 2:1-3

98% of churches in Nigeria receive people based on wealthy appearance

The church favors one person over another

Churches need to focus on people’s knowledge of the word and not on outward appearance.

Churches are doing the opposite of what the scriptures tell us to do

Luke 23:7
This is the first time we are informed that Christ is dressed in fine clothes.

They put a royal / elegant robe on Christ

The reason was simply to mock him as king of the Jews. They also made a crown of thorns to put on his head

John 19:2-5
Mark 15:17

Luke 16:19

Those who wear expensive clothes live in palaces

Matthew 26:1

Matthew 27:35
Christ was a celebrity and so they cast lots for his clothes

There is nothing wrong in wearing expensive clothes, however, when a preacher wears such expensive clothes, he sends the wrong message

Christ was rich but for our sake became poor so he can send the right signal

The poor hate the rich and the rich hate the poor.

Today you will see churches for the rich and churches for the poor

Acts 4:32
All the believers were united in heart and mind

If your religion tells you that God is about to bless you with money, it’s a lie

We are supposed to bless each other

All of you who say “I pay my tithes and it works for me” so answer this, Christ did not pay his tithes, so what was working for him?

If Christ did not collect tithes from any believer, what was working for them

Christ & his disciples did collect tithes

Christianity is not about what works, it is about what is scripturally true

God can only be worshipped is spirit and in truth

Not everything that works is because of Christianity

Look at the world, the non Christian countries are prospering

What works is sharing! Learn to share with your brethren

Remain Blessed

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